What Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover

Among some car owners there is a myth that comprehensive car insurance covers all possible cases on and off the road as well as protects both the vehicle and its owner in full.

Unfortunately, it’s only a myth. Practically this insurance is rather new on the market and the cases covered are usually limited.

So what does comprehensive car insurance cover?

This insurance type was created on urgent demand to expand average car insurance. In order to break the myth it’s essential to have no illusions on how comprehensive insurance really works.

First of all, this coverage is for the so-called off-road damages.

Below here is a complete list of possible cases:What Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover

  • acts of vandalism
  • fire
  • theft
  • glass damage
  • animal damage
  • possible natural disaster damage (flood, storm or hurricane, for instance)
  • falling objects

However, even such a detailed approach has some exceptions, namely the natural run-out of vehicle or car defects and personal property coverage.

That’s why be advised to be very attentive and always read the document before signing.

Besides, always check fine print information to be 100% sure what comprehensive car insurance covers in your case.

Is It a Mandatory Type of Insurance?

As a matter of fact, a comprehensive insurance type is not obligatory and depends on the car owner; still for most rental cases this insurance type is mandatory.

Unlike compulsory insurance which is obligatory for all car drivers (as it protects from different road collisions), the comprehensive one is for really careful and responsible drivers and car owners. Of course, no one is protected from off-road accidents as well as on-road collisions.

Depending on how safe the district you are living in, how your living area is prone to natural disasters, how expensive your vehicle is, etc., you can choose whether it is necessary to purchase an additional insurance policy and if you really need the offered coverage.

Cost and Deductibles

As you know, a deductible is a certain sum of money which is paid by an insurance policy holder before his/her insurance company covers the rest of the cost.

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So depending on what is covered by a comprehensive car insurance policy as well as possible deductibles and actual cash value of your vehicle, the average cost for this insurance type is between $250 and up to $1,000.

Important: the higher the deductible is, the lower the general premium of the insurance policy is. That’s why think in advance how much you can afford to pay from your own pocket.

The compensation paid depends on the cost and damage.

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  1. Ed says

    Perfect info! I have surfed the Internet for quite a long period of time looking for a list of good insurance companies in the USA and here it is with details and additional tips. All that’s left for me to do is read reviews and give a couple of them a call to arrange insurance. Many thanks

  2. Joan says

    In my opinion, comprehensive auto insurance covers all possible accidents and should be mandatory as nobody knows what can happen on the road and car repair is such a costly thing nowadays. Also if you get into an accident, you won’t need to think of anything else except of your own health as your insurer will take care of everything promptly and professionally.

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