Wells Fargo Student Loans Review

Wells Fargo is one of the most appreciated and relevant lenders in the whole student loan industry.

The bank has cooperated with a great diversity of schools all across the USA to house debts for federal loans.

Despite the change in the student loan industry, Well Fargo remained the leading financial institution offering private student loans.

In this bank you will receive a full range of private loans for students, rate reductions, competitive terms and beneficial conditions, increasing the popularity of the bank and making Wells Fargo student loans the third top private student advances.

Wells Fargo Student Loan Consolidation

The full array of options required by an average student is available in Well Fargo bank.

It has tight relations with schools around the country and offers loans both for undergraduate and graduate students.

Additionally to federal loans, such private types can be received from the US Department of Education.

The limits set by Well Fargo bank for student loans are highly appreciated and approved to be among top-notch.

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One of the most beneficial features offered by the lender is consolidation loan.

Here you have an opportunity to take this loan type, combining your federal and private student loan debts.

As a result you will take the advantage of better APR and lower monthly payment.

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Terms and Conditions

To receive the desirable student loan you have to follow a simple application process. The company does not charge any additional fees, including application and origination ones.

Afterwards, you will notice dozens of incredible benefits offered by the lender.

First of all, it is the diversity of rate reductions. Depending on the relations you have with the bank and the duration of cooperation you can qualify for the attractive 0.5% APR reduction.

However, you should possess a Premium Membership Account for this feature.

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Another reduction, though a bit lower, reaching 0.25% is awarded to those who have a confirmed Well Fargo customer’s checking account or Well Fargo prior federal loan.

Despite the variety of rate reductions, the initial APR is higher than the majority of other lenders offer.

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This concerns fixed-rate and variable-rate loans.

Additionally, the provider presents extra features that serve as innovative, highly interactive tools, making Wells Fargo student loans beneficial and accessible.

Among the most popular and required are:

  • Scholarship finder. It helps students to opt for an alternative financing source.
  • Cost calculator. With this option you can plan all your expenses and manage the budget correctly, avoiding unexpected fees and extra charges.

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Wells Fargo Student Loan Review – Posted by: Markus Brillony

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  1. Ashley

    I have graduated from the university last year and I am still paying off the loan I took for my studies. Wells Fargo student loan seemed to be the most beneficial for me, so I got it rather fast. Generally, I am satisfied with all the convenient services delivered, as well as support level and, what’s more important, competitive interest rates and repayment terms.

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