Wells Fargo Platinum Credit Card Review

This review examines the main characteristics and benefits of Wells Fargo platinum credit card.

Basically, it can be an effective money saver for anyone who wants to transfer existing balances, but consumers need to ensure that their credit is good enough.


Who is this option good for?

There are many consumer groups that can benefit from this convenient Wells Fargo credit tool, including:

  • Anyone with an outstanding credit card debt;
  • People who want to get free cell phone insurance.

The greatest benefit offered by this platinum credit card is that it allows users to do the following:

  • Pay down balances;
  • Take control of their finances;
  • Pay for large-ticket goods over time.

Wells Fargo Platinum Credit Card Review

Important Credit Card Features

  • My Money Map is a convenient and effective tool that allows consumers to manage their spending and create realistic budgets easily;
  • Powerful account protection features fast-reported unauthorized transactions, cell phone protection and alerts;
  • Free access to their credit score with great mobile banking offered by Wells Fargo.

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Reasons to Apply for It – Rewards

Why should you apply for the platinum card offered by this bank? It’s a decent balance transfer tool with quite a long introductory 0% period.

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This credit card provides users with significant rewards in the long run, and it’s good for borrowers with a significant credit card debt.

It also gives cash backs to all purchases to cardholders and allows them to increase their value through rewards.

This well-established bank provides cell phone protection insurance to all customers who pay cellular bills with this credit card.

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For instance, if your phone is accidentally damaged or stolen, it’s possible to receive a good compensation.

If you want to save money on interest rates, think about applying for a Wells Fargo platinum credit card.

The main reason to make this choice is a great potential to save money via decreased interest rates, and that’s why more and more consumers are switching to the offer of this bank.

It comes with zero % introductory APR on all kinds of balance transfers and purchases for 15 months.

During this time period, you won’t pay any interest on your credit card, unless you decide to take out some cash advance.

This option is perfect for consumers who have big purchases in the near future.

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