Wells Fargo Boat Loans

Do you really want to buy the boat you’ve dreamed about?

You’ve checked different models and considered a variety of sizes and brand names to find it, but you’re not sure how to handle the financial matters of making this purchase.

If you don’t have enough funds to cover future expenses, keep reading this review to learn more about Wells Fargo boat loans because they can help you realize your sailing dream!

About Loan

Basically, this loan can be issued in different ways, and that’s why you need to shop around a bit before making a final choice.

Ensure that you know the difference between it and other lending solutions.

The good news is that boat loans from Wells Fargo can be stretched to a timeline suitable for your individual needs and monthly payments are quite affordable because of competitive interest rates.

Your payments will be calculated based on them and the sale price of your boat (use a special online loan calculator to get approximate quotes).

wells fargo boat loans

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Options at Your Disposal

Wells Fargo boat loans can help you get the financing necessary to buy:

  • Cruisers and ski boats.
  • Bow rides and deck boats.
  • Cuddy cabins and pontoon boats.
  • Sailboats and flats (or bays).
  • Houseboats and fishing boats.

As you can see, available options are not limited to anything, including both used and new boats, but the best part is that you’re eligible to get a certain rate discount if you have a checking account in this bank, which will also help you maintain automatic monthly payments.

You will receive boat loans from Wells Fargo within one day once you get approved.

Enjoy no penalties, fixed regular payments, and interest rates!

Website: https://www.wellsfargo.com/personal-credit/specialty-vehicle-financing-options/


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The Benefits of Using This Loan Option

The greatest one is that you can buy a boat without paying its full amount upfront so that you can get your dream vessel even if your budget is low.

Besides, Wells Fargo boat loans offer the following benefits:

  • Financing used and new boats.
  • Repayment terms up to fifteen years.
  • Minimal loan amounts from $2,000.
  • Fixed monthly payments (you can switch to automatic payments).
  • Flexible terms and repayment periods.
  • Quite competitive interest rates.

Applying Online Is Easy and Fast

What do you need to apply for a boat loan online?

  • Personal and contact data.
  • Income and employment information.
  • Collateral details (new or used, make, model, year, and so on).

Don’t forget that you need to meet basic and straightforward eligibility criteria, including your income verification.

In addition, you’ll be asked to state the loan amount you need and the most suitable repayment period.

Wells Fargo boat loans are easy and secure to apply for online, and you can get the necessary funds the next business day.

9 reviews

  1. Wayne H Lynch

    Planning on purchasing a new pontoon boat. What are your rates for boat loans and what is maximum number of months you will finance? Do you require down payment, if so how much? The price of boat will be $26,520.00. Thank you.

  2. Anthony

    I have recently applied for a fishing boat loan at Wells Fargo. West Fargo boat loans are very affordable. The interest rates are one of the lowest in the country. You can pay them back for up to fifteen years (I chose five) and choose from a variety of terms and options. I had done my research before I applied, and I’m still sure it was the right choice.

  3. Carl

    Hi im looking to purchase a used bass boat for $26.000 whats the proper protocol. Do I need a down payment how many month can I finance.

  4. Elmer Williams

    I’m looking to purchase a 2012 rinker captive from a friend for 34000 aND was wondering about how much the payment would be

  5. Jason

    I was interested me and my wife for a boat loan 15 year on a 2006 wellcraft coastal 290 .. I want to barrow 75,000 . What rates and payments could I get? me and wife are Wells Fargo customers currently …

    1. nancy

      we r interested on buying a new 2017 crownline boat and looking into borrowing 50,000.00 for a 15 yrs what rate could we get and how much would the payments be

  6. John

    Being a desperate fisher, I am always looking for an opportunity to improve, renovate or upgrade my boat. Having so many troubles with the old one, I decided to replace it. Wells Fargo boat loan assisted me greatly with this desire. I could not expect more advantageous rates and conditions. Best experience ever!

  7. DAWN Sizemore

    I’m wanting to get a bass boat for my husband and I need to borrow 21000 what’s the lowest payment I can get and will you do 120 months.

  8. Estrella Skeens

    We are looking to purchase catamaran 1998 and newer
    $120000.00 to $140,000 that includes and taxes. What is approximate or is this too old for you to finance?

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