Types of Debt in United States

Acquiring loan is not a sign of failure. Many people sign up for loans even when they have a steady cash flow at hand. Loan is an option and at times, a great way to help you invest for a better future in the form of a family business for instance.

However what matters the most is to understand the types of debt that are out there, that you already have and what consequences they bring.

By understanding this, you know when to stop, how to optimize your funds and what opportunities are still within your reach. Knowing the types of debt helps manage funds responsibly.


Types of DebtPaying for a home is the country’s largest allocation of debt. Almost every household is bound to place a request for mortgage at one point to fund their own home.

Most mortgages are calculated based on the following elements: the term of payment you are scheduling, your selection of interest rate, extra payments, monthly income and the home rate.

A digital calculator is available for free on most sites to help clients look into the amount and plan ahead.

Car Loan

Car loan is the second largest loan type as they have become an important element in the lives of many citizens. They are relatively easier to acquire for in comparison to the past few decades and are rapidly developing in methods of loan. As they cost less than a home, they are less risky.

However, depending on where you come from, mandatory car insurance is to be purchased with it, adding to your cost of investment.


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Credit Card

The credit card is where everyone goes to for household payment. How a credit card works is similar to a debit card. An amount of funds will need to be paid to your bank account at the end of the month for the credit card to be usable.

However due to its flexibility it is very easy for you to overuse and end up with a large bill at the end of the month. As well as this unexpected fees are always to be expected.

Student Loan

Paying off student loan can take up to five years depending on several elements it depends on the salary you make, the amount you owe and the city you live in.

The ideal way to pay off your student loan is to devote a consistent amount or percentage to your loan. This will gradually pay off the loan and leave you debt free.

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The above are the types of debt and features to understand about them. By knowing what consequences they bring you can now better manage your income and enjoy a secure financial future.

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