TurboTax for Small Business Review

Being an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you will definitely face some difficulties, because all business owners do.

One of the most popular is the way to calculate taxes.

Hiring a professional accountant is not always a way out, especially if you have just set up your small business, don’t have enough funds and don’t want to take a loan.

However, now getting your taxes arranged in a proper way is no longer a problem with the help of great online tax prep software called TurboTax.

Calculate Your Tax Return

Intuit, the company that stands behind this software, helps all business owners arrange their returns with the help of a laptop.

This is definitely an advantage, as your computer is able to manage loads of information pretty quickly, and using TurboTax for small business you will have your tax returns filed just by answering a set of questions.

There are different versions of this software, and you will have to choose the one that you need according to your needs and preferences.

However, depending on the program’s features the prices differ as well.

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Why TurboTax Is Recommended and How It Is Used

Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, small business owner, LLC, etc., this software will be your helping hand in filing taxes.

The whole process is made quite easy – you will just have to go through a “tax wizard” interview online, where you will have to answer a range of simple questions.

Judging by the questions, the program can be seen as an expert that knows what it does.

TurboTax for Small Business

Afterwards, TurboTax scans your files for errors.

By the way, among all the other software used for such purposes, TurboTax has the most reliable tool which is able to detect all the errors in your documents showing them to you one by one.

This is done to ensure there are no errors in your form before you submit it.

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Top 8 TurboTax Benefits

  • Easy to use. Even if you are not familiar with the tax law, you will find TurboTax a very easy-to-use tool just because it asks simple and direct questions about your life in order to determine your tax situation.

You need to say whether you own a home, have children, what you do for a living, whether you have done some charity this year and so on. Moreover, the software is up-to-date with all the latest laws on tax, including healthcare.

  • According to numerous reviews, it is considered to be the best tax software for small business. The software has existed for over a decade and is ranked No. 1 best-selling and up-to-date tax tool which helps Americans calculate their taxes and save money.
  • Fast tax refund. Intuit promises that if you file your tax returns with the help of their software you are guaranteed to get the fastest tax refund ever. Besides, there is a chance to efile federal tax return free of charge in case some other applications are purchased.
  • Audit coverage. In case there is an audit, which is unlikely, a business owner can get expert one-on-one audit guidance for free.
  • W-2 form import. When using TurboTax, your W-2 tax forms are automatically imported to your tax return. This advantageous feature saves your time and makes your information entered in a quick, complete and correct way.
  • 100% security. All of your personal and confidential information will be strictly kept and preserved from the third parties.

The company employs a professional Privacy Team and uses advanced encryption technology.

  • Help is always there. In case you’ve got questions, you can either contact an expert or check out their specialized forum and find the answers and useful tips there.
  • Refund received the way you want it. You can get your refund by check, direct deposit or using a NetSpend Premier Visa Prepaid Card which can be used practically everywhere.

Though TurboTax for small business is quite expensive software, we can make a conclusion that it is definitely worth the money spent due to its fast and precise tax-filing process and reliable checks for errors.

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