Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies in USA

When it comes to the choice of an auto insurance company, most drivers take it as responsibly as the choice of vehicle.

No wonder big and small insurance providers are fighting for new customers.

Still some of them give preferences to bright though empty marketing campaigns promising all sorts of benefits.

But how to choose the best providers among numerous offers?

Tips to Find Best Auto Insurance Provider

Top 10 Auto Insurance CompaniesPrior to trusting your car and money to any insurance company devote some time to compare them and check customers’ reviews.

Be extremely attentive to negative feedback.

Try to focus your selection on such criteria:

  1. Company’s reputation and financial strength. Trusted names are more preferable than new ones with loud commercials.
  2. Professional customer support service reviews.
  3. Quick response with no downtime.
  4. Presence in the list of top 10 auto insurance companies in the USA.
  5. Tendency to handle claims quickly.
  6. Variety of offered polices and discount programs.

All the above mentioned features were taken into account to make your selection careful and decision informed.

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Top 10 USA Auto Insurance Providers

This list is for car owners and drivers who value financial stability, wide range of offers and excellent service.

#1. State Farm: Leading giant in the sector with unbelievable number of local agents and VIP attitude to customers. Still comparison quotes are not available.

#2. Progressive: Trusted name which offers a comfortable comparison quotes tool for all possible demands.

#3. AllState: Provider of the most generous discount offers on the market, still the customer service lacks superiority.

#4. GEICO: Offers the most affordable prices and superb customer service; however, this company lacks local representatives.

#5. USAA: Can boast of high customer support level and top auto coverage offers. One disadvantage is that this provider is for Armed Forces personnel only.   

#6. Liberty Mutual: Obtained a very high financial rating among top 10 auto insurance companies in the USA.

#7. Nationwide: The most reputed provider (over 80 years of practice), perhaps that’s the reason why it offers high premiums.

#8. AARP/Hartford: The pioneer on the car insurance market which offers a unique package for old people.    

#9. Farmers Insurance: Even though its services are not available at the East Coast, it is still the best low-end auto insurance provider.

#10. AAA: Has the highest scores for services as well as for benefits and discounts rewards to its club members. The con is mandatory member dues.

  1. Ed says

    Perfect info! I have surfed the Internet for quite a long period of time looking for a list of top auto insurance companies in USA and here it is with details and additional tips. All that’s left for me to do is read reviews and give a couple of them a call to arrange insurance. Many thanks

  2. Luke says

    I’ve finally found a full list of reputable auto insurance companies in the USA and I’m really grateful for the work you do informing us on all the financial issues anyone may look for. Be sure we – users – really appreciate valuable information and good sources.

  3. Robert says

    GEICO is the best.

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