SunTrust Personal Loans for Bad Credit

SunTrust Personal Loans for Bad Credit – SunTrust bank is one of the biggest financial institutions in the US Southeast.

Like all reputed banks it has rather strict procedures as for their lending practices.


First of all, it refers to customers who made bad financial decisions in the past and as a result obtained a poor score which is lower than 600.

However, it does not mean that there is no option to receive money assistance in such cases.

All customers with problematic credit history can rely on higher risk rates as well as on unsecured personal installment loan options.

Such loans do not require many documents or time, besides any customer is promised to receive the needed sum within 24 hours.

SunTrust Personal Loans

If you fail to add score to your credit history or if you need money urgently, you may still consider a variety of SunTrust personal installment loans for bad history.

You may also check with smaller banks and financial unions nearby to receive prompt financial assistance.

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Still if you strive for reputation, then SunTrust is what you need.

Check out the following line options:

Personal Credit Line or PCL

  • no collateral required
  • $5000 up to $25,000
  • no cash advance or application fees
  • annual fee: $25

Personal Credit Line Plus, or PCL+

  • no collateral or application fees
  • from $25,000 up to $250,000 and more
  • alternate to home equity line
  • lower flexible rates

SunTrust Personal Loans for Bad CreditThere is also one loan type where collateral is obligatory – Select Credit Line, with the highest possible amount and the lowest rates because it is secured.

Still, no matter what loan option you choose be advised to borrow responsibly to avoid huge debt.

Credit Score Correction

In general, for most bad history cases it’s not possible to receive low interest rates (lower than 15%).

Still, you can think of SunTrust personal loans for bad credit history if you prove to be a reliable and responsible customer, eager to improve.

Your task is not easy but workable and requires history correction.

Among the most recommended ways are three main ones to name the least:

  1. Negotiate with your lender. He/she is the one to assist and solve credit history issues.
  2. Create an image of a customer who meets terms and conditions. Consider other small short term options that you can pay off successfully.
  3. Never miss a payment day with the current. Either make it automatic or better pay in advance or twice a month.

Always watch your credit history carefully for future welcoming score and low interest rates.

3 reviews

  1. Victoria

    Being about to take a small personal loan I was wondering how they treat clients with bad credit history. I do know about high percentage and interest rate in SunTrust, but it was quite a new thing for me to find out they look up to those willing to improve their credit score and become a reliable borrower. Thanks for the tip

  2. Sylvia

    SunTrust loans turned out to be great assistance for me as recently I’ve been facing great financial difficulties and needed money urgently. If you are still thinking which loan to apply for, I’d recommend SunTrust PCL which is beneficial for those having bad credit.

  3. William

    SunTrust bank helped me multiple times, especially when my credit score was not very high. The great benefits of the lending company include no application or cash advance fees, no collateral and small annual fee ($25). Since my credit history was not perfect, I got a higher interest rate, though it was still competitive and beneficial.

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