SunTrust Boat Loans Review

Don’t miss a chance to enjoy the high-class service and impressive reliability together with SunTrust Boan Loans, because this company is the real deal!

SunTrust Boat Loan Review

SunTrust is the organization, which belongs among the nation’s biggest and most powerful financial services companies and SunTrust boat loans is one of the major service offered by it.

However, if required, you can enjoy a full specter of services and products, which are designed in order to meet the specific needs of all consumer, businesses, institutional as well as corporate clients.

Keeping in mind that that financial stress is dominant in the USA across diversified income levels.

SunTrust has launched the onUp Movement, which is aimed to inspire all clients to take the next step and move away from financial stress towards financial confidence.

A number of reviews have shown that SunTrust boat loans continue gaining popularity among various customers due to flexibility and reliability.

Hence, if you require financial assistance and have a very good credit, then an unsecured boat loan by SunTrust is exactly what you need.

suntrust boat loans

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Because it doesn’t require any collateral and has got no fees at all. In addition, the application is available online, hence you can save time and effort.

Recent reviews have proven that SunTrust online application is very efficient.

Boat Loan Rates

You will surely be impressed with the rates offered by SunTrust, because they can satisfy the requirements even of the most demanding clients.

Likewise, if a borrower is financing $25,000, then after a down payment equal to 15%, the Annual Percentage Rate will be 6.25% and it would result in 180 monthly payments of $214.35.

In case, if the overall amount varies between $ 100,000 and $ 4,000,000, then the loan will be fixed for a period of 3 years with 3.99% APR and then adjusted to WSJ prime rate.

In this case the loan is to be amortized during 240 months, with prepayment penalty of 1.50% during the first 12 months.

Likewise, Marine Loan request should be equal $25,000 or above and the boat should definitely be U. S. Coast Guard (USCG) documentable.

Loan Amount Maximum Loan Term Client Annual Percentage Rate
$75,000 – $4,000,000 240 Months 4.62% APR
$54,601 – $74,999 180 Months 4.75% APR
$25,000 – $54,600 180 Months 6.25% APR


In addition, the lender’s interest rate (APR) should not be supported by any sort of third-party arrangements. (e.g. vehicle manufacturer subvention payments with rates equal to 0.0% APR).

The same rule applies to other manufacturer discounts, as well as rate buy-downs caused by car-buying services, and any other similar offerings subsidized by third-party.

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SunTrust Boat Loans are offered by an organization, which values loyalty and integrity.

So, if you are worried about your financial well-being, then there is hardly a better where you can find the long-awaited financial confidence.

2 reviews

  1. Ryan

    I really trust SunTrust. SunTrust Boat Loans is well known for their high-class service and impressive reliability. This loan is really made to meet all the needs of the customer. This is just awesome. This loan is really popular due to the flexibility and reliability. Highly recommended.

  2. Ed

    Great info here and it seems like some great rates too. Definitely will pass this info on to my friend whos looking for a boat.

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