SunTrust Auto Loans Review

The car is not only the means of transport, but it is also a way to express yourself, so it should be excellent.

Having a clear credit history, you use an opportunity to receive a low-interest, simple loan to finance the car of your dream.

Additionally, it enables you to decrease the rate of the current ride.

Considering car financing, SunTrust auto loans are the best options ever possible on the whole market of online banking.

The company will make the process effortless, quick and easy.

The bank offers exclusive deals that extend to the most diverse car types, including:

  • Loans for new cars;
  • Classic car loan;
  • Used car loans either from the dealer or private party;
  • Refinancing of the auto;
  • Car lease buyout, etc.SunTrust Auto Loans

Terms and Conditions of Auto Loans Available in SunTrust

Striving to apply for a car loan at any bank, including SunTrust, you should consider all the pros and cons, select the best deal for you and only then make a decision.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the interest rate offered. SunTrust is a time-tested and experienced company that is widely appreciated by its low rates.

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The APR will differ in each case, since it depends on multiple criteria, such as loan amount, purpose, term of the loan and your personal credit history.

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You can estimate the interest rate and other possible payments with the help of an online calculator available on the website.

Once your application is approved, your credit score will determine the auto loan type:

  • Secured. People with poor credit history and low score can also get one of¬†SunTrust auto loans, though the rates will be higher. Additionally, the collateral is also required in this situation to make sure you will pay off the loan.
  • Unsecured loans are offered to customers with excellent credit scores. Moreover, such clients get the lowest interest rate possible.

A simple and accessible application will contribute to the general appreciation and value of the loan. So, open the webpage of SunTrust bank, fill in the online application form, confirm it and wait for immediate response.

If your application gets approved, you should sign the agreement and set up the loan for funding. The funds are allocated within a few business days, so you can use the loan in a short while.

Top Features and Benefits of Car Loans Offered by SunTrust

With the help of SunTrust bank you have an opportunity to find and finance the car you want fast and without extra problems.

The service will help you with the car purchase irrespective of the type. If you are still hesitating whether to rely on the offered conditions or not, consider a couple of SunTrust loan features that include:

  • Competitive interest rates for both new and old cars;
  • Wide range of legal, certified dealers cooperating with the bank and customers;
  • Quick, simple and convenient searching tool to assist you in finding the best deal;
  • Fast processing of the applications;
  • Opportunity to choose the amount of the loan, payback term and other features.


Additionally, SunTrust offers multiple peculiar features that differentiate its auto loans from the deals by other financing companies.

Such benefits include secure auto pricing primarily to the communication with the dealer, reasonable interest rates, safe and secure auto loans and shopping process with the service, etc.

Apply for one of the most suitable and competitive SunTrust auto finance and become a lucky owner of a perfect car in a few days.

2 reviews

  1. Gary

    Striving to buy a car I have been dreaming of for the last few years, I decided to take a loan and finally make my dream a reality. Since my credit score was high and the history clear, SunTrust auto loans seemed the most profitable and reasonable. In fact, I got rapid application, fast financing, low interest rates and no extra fees. Definitely recommend the company.

  2. Shannon

    SunTrust auto loan is not the first loan in my life, though, it is the first advantageous one. After so many failures getting a loan, I finally found the perfect variant. The interest rates offered by SunTrust were more than acceptable, while its services were rather professional and helpful. Have only several months to pay off the loan completely, though have been enjoying driving a new car for several years already.

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