Rocket Mortgage Review

The modern generation features fast and easy ways to do everything. Currently, you can do literally everything without even leaving your house.

Rocket Mortgage represents exactly the same thing that is concentrated around simplicity and rapidity.

The overall process of the loan is characterized by two phrases: push a button and get your loan.

Rocket Mortgage

The loan is an excellent opportunity to purchase a house or cover other related expenses. Exclusive features and distinctive policies will make your experience highly beneficial.

The mortgage if offered mainly to borrowers having a good credit history and the minimum credit score 620.

Rocket Mortgage Review

Additionally, you will be offered a fixed-rate loan for various terms starting from 8 and up to 30 years. The ARMs will differ from 5/1, 7/1 up to 10/1.

Among other important peculiarities of such mortgages is an opportunity to price the loan, choose the most profitable interest rate and realize the trade-off.

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You do not have to speak to the lender, providing detailed information and other data.

Instead, you can just fill in the application and select the required mortgage from a range of offered ones.

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Main Features and Advantages

As any other loan, Rocket has both benefits and certain drawbacks.

However, considering the differentiating features that make it exclusive, one should definitely mention:

  • Simplicity and accuracy – just touch a few buttons, fill in the data and you will get the necessary information right at your side;
  • Speed – an approval process will take only a couple of minutes, after which you will be able to use the desirable loan;
  • Self-management – choose the down payment and find an optimal decision that will be the best for you.

Additionally, the service provides you with the following services and opportunities:

  • Dependable privacy policy that will help you keep your private information safe;
  • Reliable customer support team that will help you negotiate all the problems and disturbing issues with a lender;
  • Instant reaction that guarantees you will get numerous mortgage offers within a short while after the application.


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How Can a User Get the Loan

The process of mortgage reception is also quite simple, that adds to the overall ease of use.

To be verified for a loan each customer has to make a few steps, including the following:

  • Sharing personal information. First of all, upon entering the service, you have to create your individual account and fill it with correct answers to several questions. Afterwards, you need to mention financial and credit information;
  • View available options. After filling in the application form, you may explore the offered mortgage solutions based mainly on your personal information and specified aims;
  • Get an approval in a few minutes. Once you have found the necessary mortgage, you may apply for it and get approved in the shortest while with a usual click of the button;
  • Negotiate a price. If you know that you have already been approved, you have a chance to make a lucrative offer negotiating the cost of your house;
  • Finish the process. Get a loan and close the process with ‘rocket’ speed. Use Rocket Mortgage for your convenience and benefit.

2 reviews

  1. Kenny

    I LOVE that today we can do so much online, including applying for loans and mortgages – makes the process so much simpler and easier.

  2. Barbara

    When I needed to buy my own place, the first advice of my friend was to apply for Rocket Mortgage. I was skeptical at first, as I have never trusted in loans and mortgage. However, due to the fact that my credit score was high, I got a good interest rate and quite beneficial repayment terms.

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