Reverse Mortgage in California

Being more than 62 you may be interested in reverse mortgage which is a perfect opportunity to borrow money against the equity.

This type of mortgage will secure you from monthly payments and huge interest rates. When you take reverse mortgage in California you are sure to make the price of your house lower than with any other offered loan or mortgage.

Besides, there is no need to pay off the loan by the time you decide to move.

Requirements for Reverse Mortgage

Reverse MortgageAccording to the reverse mortgage act in California, there are a few rules both a lender and a borrower have to follow and certain requirements they must meet.

The first instruction presented in the Act regulates the interest rate and states that it must be fixed and affordable.

The lender cannot change the costs and fees until the mortgage is taken out. The borrower has an opportunity to pay off the loan earlier without any penalties.

Possible Advantages and Disadvantages of Mortgage in California

If you decided to take the reverse mortgage in California State, you need to estimate all the merits and flaws of the loan before proceeding with it.

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Surely, as any other type of loan it gives you a perfect opportunity to earn some money and spend less. But at the same time it bears a list of disadvantages as well.

Talking about the benefits of reverse mortgage, it is important to notice the ability to prolong your financial independence, as the mortgage gives you support and improves your life, as it provides you with a chance to stay in your own house.

Another huge advantage is the fact that the income you get cannot be taxed, so you do not have to pay taxes for it. Besides, you are free from any types of payment until the end of the mortgage term.

Your mortgage consultant will definitely offer you to choose among the range of payment plans, so you may have the most comfortable one for you.

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With all the possible advantages you will face some unpleasant drawbacks of California reverse mortgage, among which is a more difficult and serious system of rules and terms, so you can hardly predict the outcomes of the loan.

Besides, the price, interest rate and fees are more expensive than in other mortgages of this type.

Tips for Taking CA Reverse Mortgage

Considering the reverse mortgage the first thing you need to do is to find the balance among all the above mentioned advantages and disadvantages and decide whether this loan will be beneficial for you or not.

Besides, think of the time period you want to live in the house and consult your reverse mortgage manager. Find the best offer from the available ones.

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  1. Sam says

    Everything written in this article is absolutely true, but people must also be aware of the fact that there are lots of complaints about reverse mortgage lenders in California. For instance, loan fees that are often not fixed, loss of equity, duties of the borrower, etc. All these reasons will make me think twice before going for such mortgage type.

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