PNC Bank Student Loans Review

PNC is the US financial institution, approved to be one of the largest and most influential. It provides a wide range of services to diverse society sectors, with students being among target-customers.

PNC bank student loans influenced the popularity and reputation of the bank greatly and helped it to appear in top 10 educational loan lenders in the whole country.

Notably, PNC is the provider that allows both undergraduate and graduate students to receive an additional private loan.

Thanks to the bank, thousands of students got an opportunity to study and successfully graduate from various universities.

Contrary to those federal loans that cannot cover full tuition cost, a broad range of services presented by PNC help different student types get the necessary investments.

PNC Student Loans

PNC Bank Student LoansStriving to give the customers as much as needed and as well as possible, PNC offers both variable-rate and fixed-rate college loans.

It lets students plan for a much longer time with a preserved interest rate.

Besides, one can enjoy the benefits guaranteed by variable-rate programs. PNC does not consolidate your loans, giving you a chance to pay for federal and private loans separately.

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It is due to the fact that combined loans usually decrease total monthly payments, giving the customer the only one APR to manage.

Application and Extra Services Available

Applying for student loans is quite simple, and the bank does not charge extra fees, like origination or application.

However, unlike many private lenders offering student loans, it has no rate-reduction incentives in case you apply for the loan.

Among those tools and additional services of PNC bank are the following:

  • Information provision. At the official website of the bank you will find full information about loan types, fees and charges available both for parents and students.
  • Cost calculator. Another important tool that helps students manage the budget correctly is the cost calculator. With its help you can count all your expenses necessary for getting higher education still attending school.

PNC Student Loans Conditions, Payments and Terms

PNC does not restrict its clients considering terms and conditions, so the average loan term is 15 years (like the majority of student loan lenders offer), though there is no money penalty paying off the loan within 15 years.

The option of online and automatic payment is one of the most advantageous points here, making the provider one of the most reputable and relevant among other lenders.

Rate-reduction for such tool reaches up to 0.5% off the APR.

There is also Customer Support Service that will provide you with all the indispensable information and help you deal with all the issues.

Finance your education with a PNC student loan!

1 review

  1. Nathan

    PNC student loans were quite affordable for me and advantageous at that time, since the company offered a personal approach to each client. I could choose from the diversity of options, including term of the loan repayment, type of the loan (fixed or variable rate) and other issues. Additionally, with the help of an online calculator I had a chance to find the optimal variant for me. It’s definitely a beneficial service with top-notch offers!

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