PNC Bank Personal Loans Review

Pittsburgh National Corporation (or PNC bank) is one of the leading US financial services providers especially of personal loan service.

PNC stands out due to its individual focused approach to each and every customer as well as solid market reputation.

When it comes to borrowing, personal banking services by PNC include the entire standard spectrum: personal credit line and personal loans, mortgage, auto and education loans as well as caring support and useful tools like calculator to count home affordability.


There are some prejudices connected with personal loans among borrowers.

For instance, only high credit score owners are accepted, or too sky-high interest rates.

However, in most cases these prejudices are only partially true-to-fact.

PNC Personal Loans

There are actually several types offered by PNC bank both for high and average or even low credit score owners:

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  • personal unsecured from $1,000 which do not require any collateral or perfect credit history, have agreeable repayment terms and fixed rates paid on monthly basis.
  • personal secured. They offer a bigger loan amount up to $100,000, however, they also require collateral (non-real estate one), grant stable fixes interest rates and no prepayment penalty.

Another option as for personal borrowing is also at your service at PNC, and it is personal line of credit.

The comparison of key points and differences can be found below.


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Loan vs Line of Credit

If to compare these two services, they both have advantages for certain financial situations and customer’s possibilities.

Let’s compare PNC Loans options with credit line offers:

Personal Loan Line of Credit
From $2,000 up to $100,000 From $1,000 up to $25,000
Loan with a fixed unchanged term Can be used anytime when needed
Collateral required (non real-estate one) No collateral required
Fixed interest rate for the loan term The rate is not fixed and varies
One-time access to funds Access when needed by transfer or check.

Key Features

Key Features

How to Apply

Several options offered by PNC include phone support and application, application in person in the office or online application form.

Unfortunately, only PNC short-term loans or unsecured ones have an online application form available to proceed.

All the other loans can only be applied by phone which can be found on the contact box or at the nearest branch office.

Prior to applying for any type of personal loan consult the support service which loan type suits your particular situation and budget the most.


Quick Way to Apply: By phone: 1-888-370-7344 (Mon – Fri: 7am to 10pm ET; Sat – Sun: 8am – 5pm ET).

8 reviews

  1. Kevin

    Now I finally understood what the difference between personal loan and personal line of credit is. As it turns out it is quite easy to apply, so why not use such a great opportunity and use PNC Bank personal loans to deal with poor financial situation?

    1. Tyson Jones

      Do they do personal loans for debit

  2. Louis

    My friend has found himself in a difficult financial situation, and upon reading this info he decided to try out taking an unsecured personal loan PNC. To tell you the truth, I’ve never heard of such a bank, lol! But after a small telephone talk he arrived in the bank and got everything settled out.

  3. Alex

    Credit line is approved without collateral – great benefit from PNC. Personal Loans – best way for getting money quickly!
    Highly Recommend this Bank!

  4. Sharon

    Having a flawless credit history I was looking for the best offer I could get. Loans PNC Bank helped me get the inevitable sum of money at the lowest rates ever. Now it is the third time I cover unexpected personal expenses with the help of the money borrowed from PNC .

  5. Bet

    I’ve read PNC does issue loans to people with bad credit history, however, the interest rate should be higher than for those with a good credit score. But can anyone tell me what the exact interest rates of PNC are and the maximum sum of money one can borrow?

  6. Bruce

    A personal installment loan secured by collateral gives you access to funds up to $100,000 – consolidate bills, remodel your home or finance that dream vacation.

  7. Danielle Lee

    If you have bad credit, can you still be approved?

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