PNC Auto Loans Review

Buying a new car is always a challenging task, since you need to spend much time, money and effort on the issue.

However, modern offers and services allow you to fulfil the operation much faster and without additional problems.

PNC Auto Loans are exclusive offers for those who are in search of money for a new car.

Meeting the requirements of the loan, you will get a considerable sum of money just in a few days.

PNC Financial Group cares for each customer, and its policies are focused on responsibility, safety, reliability, respect and integrity.

Thus, if you are looking for a dependable company to borrow money necessary for a car purchase, welcome to PNC.

Types of Auto Loan Available at PNC

Being an experienced company on the market of lenders, PNC Financial Group strives to offer their clients the most beneficial rates and advantageous conditions.

Thus, there are numerous loans available to suit your requirements and desires.

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The offers include the following:

  • Purchasing an auto from a dealer with a check in hand. At this point you have an opportunity to buy either a new or a used car from any licensed dealer you have found. The application process will take not more than 15 minutes, while you will be able to get the check within the following day.
  • Buying a car from a private party is another beneficial option that allows the borrower to purchase a pre-owned can from an individual seller. You will just have to fill in the application form and receive the necessary financing.
  • Refinancing the car loan will help you get lower car payments, get more competitive interest rates and take the advantage of PNC loan. Apply now and get the needed refinancing.
  • Getting a car that is currently on a lease is possible with an auto loan by PNC. Apply for the credit and get an ultimate chance to own the car you are leasing now. The loan works for cars, SUVs and trucks.


PNC Auto Loan Rates, Terms and Payments

Browse the website of PNC Financial Group to find detailed information about the interest rates and terms for each auto loan review

Keep in mind that the rates will depend on the state you live in, your credit history and score, the type of loan you want to take and other features.

Each potential customer has an opportunity to count the interest rate and other payments with an online calculator available on the website.

The average loan offered varies from $15,000 up to $50,000 with the annual percentage rates that differ respectively, depending on the sum.

The loan can be taken for 12 months, as well as for 72, with the interest rate changing from 1.84% to 2.69.

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How to Apply for an Auto Loan?

The application process for an auto loan with PNC Financial group will not take much time. There are a few ways you can apply:

  • At one of PNC branches;
  • Online;
  • By phone.

Opt for the most convenient way and fill in the application form. Once you are approved, you will receive a blank check that you can use for your car purchase.

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The decision concerning the loan is made within 15 minutes, while the blank is delivered overnight. It means you can buy a desirable car the next day after taking the loan.

With the help of PNC Auto Loans you will not just have money for the car, though you will be able to buy it like a usual cash buyer.

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  1. Pauline

    With PNC auto loan I managed to purchase the desirable car in a matter of days. An easy online application and fast processing helped me to receive the loan in a few working days. Purchasing a car from the dealer, I applied for a check. I got the necessary sum of money on the following day, as far as I remember. The interest rate was acceptable, so the experience was worth the effort.

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