OneMain Financial Personal Loans Review

Once you have a difficult financial situation and need to cover some expenses, though have no money, you always have an opportunity to get a loan from one of the online lenders.

Currently, they are numerous and the only issues to consider include safety of cooperation, interest rates, terms, policies and other conditions of the loan.

OneMain Financial personal loans are offered by Citibank and serve appreciated and time-tested services that help clients get the required sum of money at affordable and reasonable conditions.

This loan type is beneficial for those, whose FICO score is not high (the company will approve even customers having the score equal to 600).

Another important advantage is an opportunity for the loan to be approved and received on the same day. Just apply for the credit before noon and enjoy fast services and quickly covered expenses.

However, the greatest con of OneMain Financial loans is a comparatively high interest rate.

Besides, you will need to visit one of the branches of the company to receive your loan.

Terms, Rates, Reviews

OneMain Financial offers an exclusive chance to get up to $10,000 at the interest rate varying from 17.99% up to 35.99%.

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The loans are not aimed at business needs or education expenses, though they may be used for all the other purposes. Since the loan is completely unsecured, no collateral is required.

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Additionally, the company provides ultimate insurance types to keep your loan protected.

Estimated Monthly Payment:
$5,000 $6,000 $7,000 $8,000 $9,000
24 mos. $252 $302 $353 $403 $454
36 mos. $183 $220 $257 $293 $330
48 mos. $150 $179 $209 $239 $269
60 mos. $130 $156 $182 $208 $233
Results based on: 19% interest rate


The offers include:

  • Life insurance that presupposes that the insurance will cover the remaining balance in case of the borrower’s death;
  • Unemployment insurance means that some monthly payments will be paid timely in case the borrower gets unemployed;
  • Disability insurance is paid when the customer gets disabled. The payment will be paid off on your behalf.

Consider other alternatives before purchasing OneMain Financial insurance, since other options available may be more beneficial and profitable.

OneMain Financial Personal Loans

Requirements to the Applicant

To get a personal loan from OneMain Financial one should meet definite strict restrictions, including the following:

– The borrower should be older than 18 years old.

– He/she should be the United States resident, though not live in Connecticut, Nevada, Alaska, Vermont, Washington, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, etc.

– The client must have verifiable income and be employed.

– The credit score should not be lower than 600.

– You should show an ability to pay off the loan (e.g. your monthly income is sufficient to cover all the expenses and credit payments you have).

– It is preferable that the customer has a credit history and notes about timely payouts.

How to Apply for Personal Loan in OneMain Financial

Once you agree with all the terms and other conditions, you can apply for the loan.

The process will take a couple of simple steps, such as the following:

  • You can apply for the loan either in one of OneMain Financial branches or via an online form;
  • If you have chosen to apply online, fill in the application form and confirm it;
  • If your application is approved, you will have to go to one of the branches of the company and bring some extra information (identification document, address and monthly income);
  • When all the information is there, the employee verifies it and you get the needed
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  1. Walter Bridges says

    What if you do not have money to cover unexpected payments? I have been in such a situation and not once. But every time OneMain Financial personal loans helped me deal with the circumstances and significantly improve the situation. However, the financial institution will not suit you if your credit score is lower than 600. Despite I take loans frequently, I pay them off diligently, so my credit history is perfect. Great option with moderate interest rates and beneficial terms.

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