New Mexico Student Loans Review

Provider of New Mexico Student Loans. Being an innovative company, New Mexico offers low-cost education loans to both graduate and undergraduate students.

New Mexico student loans are available for New Mexico citizens or residents.

Keep in mind that before applying for the loan, you need to exhaust all the scholarships, federal loans and grants.

Learn the information about available options to make a proper choice and get a maximally beneficial offer.


Irrespective of the type, you need to meet certain requirements to get qualified for the loan.

Thus, student loans can be obtained by people, who are:

  • US citizens;
  • Residents of New Mexico attending university or college in New Mexico or any other US state;
  • Enrolled at the university or college minimum for half-time education;
  • Residents of any US states, attending university or college in New Mexico.

New Mexico Student Loans

Main Peculiarities and Advantages of the Loan

The features of the loan, its terms and other conditions will vary depending on the loan type you are applying for.

Besides, the interest rates are fixed, but you have an opportunity to select among 3 repayment options to suit your desires and needs.

Additionally, you will be able to enjoy the following options, including:

  • No prepayment penalties;
  • No origination fees;
  • Fixed, competitive interest rates;
  • 3 repayment options;
  • Potential interest rate reduction for on-time payments and graduation;
  • Chance to apply for temporary payment postponement during the times of financial problems;
  • Quality services and professional support team;
  • Easy application and qualification process and others.

Possible Student Loan Amount and Interest Rates

The amount of money you need, term of the loan and repayment plan are the three most important factors that influence the interest rate and other specifications of the loan.

The minimal loan amount available is $2,000, while the maximal sum reaches $20,000.

Before you select the amount of money you need and the repayment plan, learn detailed information about every option:

  • Immediate repayment of interest and principal when the student gets enrolled. The current interest rate is 5.48%, and the first monthly payment should be made within 45 days after disbursement of the loan. This option is the least expensive during the whole loan term;
  • Interest-only payments, when a student is enrolled half-time. The current interest rates are 6.23%;
  • Defer repayment of principal and interest when a student is enrolled half-term. The option is the most expensive and the interest rate equals to 6.98%.

All in all, New Mexico student loans offer ultimate options for every student, irrespective of requirements and desires.

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  1. Andrew says

    The temporary postponement during hard times is a nice touch. I dont know to many loan companies that do this.

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