LightStream Personal Loans Review

Perhaps, you’ve already heard of a lending online department of SunTrust Bank.

It’s LightStream Personal Loans.

Look through this review if you’re eager to enjoy attractive loan rates in the nearer future and bad credit isn’t about you.

About LightStream

Personal loans from LightStream enable you to submit an online personal loan application, so you could obtain the required cash on the day of your application.

The given service provides an absolute guarantee that you, as a client of this reputable financial institution, can make use of this stuff, if for some reason you’re dissatisfied with your loan experience.LightStream Personal Loans

LightStream offers both secured as well as unsecured loans.

Furthermore, you can also count on quite beneficial vehicle refinancing solutions, aircraft financing, boat loans, adoption financing, IVF financing, dental and medical financing as well as funding for other purposes.

What you can count on

Once you opt for personal loans from LightStream, you may count on the following options:

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Recreation: LightStream will take care of your recreation. So, boat refinancing, boat loans, RV refinancing, boat repair financing, RV loans and destination club financing will be at your disposal.

A loan ranging from $5,000 to $9,999 and borrowed within the period of 24-36 months normally requires an APR of about 4.79%-6.79%, with the tendency to surge to respectively 6.04% and 8.04% in the term of 37-48 months.

Family life: As for this category of loans from LightStream, you’re welcome to take dental loans, adoption loans, IVF/fertility treatment financing and medical financing, wedding loans and PreK-12 financing.

In this particular case, your APR will depend on the loan term and its amount. When dealing with a loan $5,000-$9,999, for 24-36 months, get ready for an APR fluctuating between 7.79% and 9.79%.

Home improvement: It’s another persuasive reason to opt for the services, provided by LightStream. Here you can count on a bunch of attractive solutions for your sweet home, including hot tub financing, basement remodel loans, landscape financing, kitchen remodel financing, swimming pool financing and solar financing.

As in the previous case, your annual percentage rate will depend on the loan term as well as its amount. The APL will also be the same.

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Other options: Well, you can also opt for LightStream in order to grasp a debt consolidation loan or simply diminish the amount you’re actually paying as your interest. The bank also provides horse loans, aircraft financing, jewelry financing, horse trailer loans, tiny home financing as well as land purchase loans.

The APR to be paid by you will depend on the actual purpose of your loan, its term, to say nothing of how much money you intend to borrow.

4 reviews

  1. Sarah

    The wedding in my culture is a big thing, so me and my then-fiance, we were looking for an affordable solution for us, and out of many options we chose LightStream personal loans. And, besides, someone recommended it to us. Indeed, it is very affordable and convenient. It was possible to pay it back within 7 months, and now we’re thinking about getting another loan there.

  2. Michael

    As any other family we were planning a summer holiday with the family, but unexpectedly found that we lack money for the adventures we had pre-planned. Our friends recommended LightStream personal loan as a convenient and beneficial opportunity, and it really appeared to be such. We managed to pay off the loan within the next 10 months.

  3. Thomas

    Wedding is always an expensive issue, so I knew I would have to take a loan. Since the interest rates, conditions and requirements differed greatly, I chose one of LightStream Loans as a perfect variant. The loan is highly convenient, since you can apply for it online and get the necessary money right on the same day. I had wedding 2 years ago and now I have another year paying off the loan at 7.79% interest rate.

  4. Scottie

    LightStream is my unquestionable choice, if we talk about different lenders. Every time I take a loan, the company offers something new for me. Over the years, my credit score became quite high, so I always receive attractive bonuses and great discounts. The rates are competitive and the conditions are beneficial. One of the best platforms to cooperate with.

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