LightStream Boat Loans

LightStream Boat Loans are owned by LightStream Boat Financing, an online consumer lending company, which has already managed to become the nation’s top online consumer lender.

LightStream is able to offer quite competitive and fixed-interest rates for all boating needs.

With help of a convenient rate table, it is possible to use a boat rate table in order to determine the optimum payment range.

Detailed  Review

LightStream reviews have shown that the company has by now already managed to create an innovative as well as hassle-free online loan service, which can reward every customer for earned good credit.

All credit applications can be completed, reviewed and submitted online. The response can be emailed to customers within a short period of time, as long as it is during business hours.

All approved applicants can usually transfer their funds into their personal bank accounts on the same day after application.

There are no possible fees, specific requirements for down payment or penalties related to prepayment.

LightStream Boat Loan


Initially it is required to select the loan purpose and then follow the instructions as well as table with available rates provided by LightStream.

The list of loan terms includes the following:

  • Rates should be quoted with AutoPay option;
  • The invoicing option will be 0.50 points higher;
  • All invoices are to be delivered via email;
  • The rate is fixed and has a simple interest, which fully amortizes instalment loans;
  • There is no need for any fees or other prepayment penalties;
  • Loan proceeds can’t be used for refinancing of any other existing loans with LightStream.

As a rule, the longer the loan period is, the higher are the rates. For example, in case if the loan amount is around $ 5000 to $ 9999, then the interest rates for a period of 34-36 months will be varying from 2.99% – 15.44%.

February 7, 2017

Boat Loan Term (Months)
Loan Amount 24 – 36 37 – 48 49 – 60 61 – 72 73 – 84
$5,000 to $9,999 5.34% – 9.84% 6.59% – 11.09% 6.69% – 9.19% N/A N/A
$10,000 to $24,999 3.24% – 7.74% 5.09% – 9.59% 5.19% – 9.69% 5.59% – 10.09% 6.09% – 8.59%
$25,000 to $49,999 3.84% – 8.34% 4.84% – 9.34% 4.84% – 9.34% 5.04% – 9.54% 5.14% – 7.64%
$50,000 to $100,000 3.84% – 6.34% 4.44% – 6.94% 4.44% – 6.94% 4.64% – 7.14% 4.74% – 7.24%


Hereby, it is of high importance for every customer to familiarize himself with all the details and offered rates in order to select the most appropriate option.

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Refinancing Opportunities

With help of LightStream it is possible to obtain a loan in order to refinance the existing higher interest loans with rates and terms, which meet the current needs of a particular customer.

LightStream offers flexible options for refinancing any boat loan regardless of the make or model. However, it is necessary to fill out and submit the application via safe online system if LightStream Company.

The confirmation email will be sent shortly, and after that the customer can already go online and check the status of his loan.

The refinancing of the boat loan may actually result in saving some amount of money, due to a lower interest rate.

Likewise, you can still get your plans implemented, while saving some funds and all this is possible with help of LightStream Boat Loans!

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