LendUp Personal Loans Review

LendUp Personal Loans represent a classic example of an online payday lender with headquarters in San Francisco, California.

LendUp markets itself as a lender with social responsibility and represent an alternative to well-known payday loans.

Company LendUp provides its constant borrowers with an opportunity to gradually improve the rates as well terms. This type of loan is classified as credit bureau.

However, the prime rates as well as terms of LendUp are provided only to constant customers in certain states, while the standard rates and also terms are basically the same with standard payday lenders.


One of the main advantages is that LendUp loans are accessible via online application only and is able to process the application within minutes.

LendUp Personal Loan

However, the exact funding time can vary depending on the bank’s requirements of each customer.

Hence, customers who are able to show financial responsibility (via timely payment of loans and/or undergoing financial education courses), may receive extra points, which result in preferential terms and rates.

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For example, customers of a prime-tier level can take loans reaching up to $1,000 with an interest rate equal to 29% APR.

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Available Rates and Bad Credit Options

Interest rates associated with the first loan may vary between 210.48 % and up to 767.54%, which depends basically on the total amount borrowed and whether the term is for 7 days or 30 days.

Constant customers, who have demonstrated regular timely payments related to previous loans, can be awarded with lower rates as they move up the tier system.

The rates will depend on the amount, as well as the duration of the loan and also the customer’s state of residence.

The maximum loan amount borrowers, who take the loan for the first time is $250. On other hand, constant customers after some time can be allowed to take bigger loans, reaching up to $1,000.

Bad credit basically represents a credit history of an individual, who has the indication of a high credit risk.

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Generally, a low credit score may identify a bad credit, and a high credit score identifies a good credit.

Usually, creditors who lend money to individuals with bad credit may have a higher risk of experiencing delayed or missing payments by that individual.

However, in case with LendUp loan you can be sure to be accepted even if you have a bad credit.

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Of course, there are certain terms and conditions associated with that, but you still can borrow money, because LendUp builds its business on reciprocity and puts trust in its clients.

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  1. Josiah says

    It is the quickest loan I ever got!!!One of the main advantages of this loan is that loans are accessible via online application only and is able to process the application within minutes. I received many extra points which resulted in preferential terms and rates.And customer service is the one i most admire about.

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