Lending Tree Personal Loans Review

If you have found yourself in a difficult situation when you need a considerable sum of money, but you have nowhere to get it, Lending Tree personal loans are your best way out.

It is an optimal variant in case of unexpected expenses. The company will offer you up to 5 available loans in a couple of minutes. With this ultimate service you will get the desirable sum of money to consolidate debts, pay for education, cover medical expenses, improve your credit, repair a house or make some improvements.

Forget about the embarrassment and frustration taking money from your relatives and friends. Since now you can cope with all the financial complications on your own.

About  Lending Tree Loans

LendingTree is a time-tested, approved and experienced specialist in the banking sphere that is constantly growing and developing to provide you with the most beneficial deals.

 lending tree personal loans review

So, here you have an exceptional opportunity to borrow from $1,000 and up to $35,000 to solve problems.

Lending Tree personal loans rates depend on multiple points, though generally they can be as low as 5.99%.

While a great number of customers take loans to cover some extra expenses.

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There is a considerable quantity of clients who wish to build and improve their credits.

Adding another credit line to the report can boost the situation and make your credit situation better over time.

Pros and Cons of Unsecured Loans by Lending Tree

Personal loans, that are also known as unsecured, are based on trust and understanding. This loan type does not presuppose collateral, so the bank does not have any guarantees the loan will be paid back.

The option is beneficial from the beginning till the end, since one can receive the needed money fast and at rather competitive rates.

The reputation of the loan type is frequently bad, as it is always confused with other short-term loan types, including title loans, cash advance or payday loans.

It is quite difficult to judge about the use of such a loan, since every customer has his/her own situation and case. Personal loan is, no doubt, an advantageous chance for customers in need, requiring money.

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Besides, the ones with a clear, positive credit history can hope for reasonable rates. Surely, customers with poor credit score may also take the loan, but the interest rate will be a bit higher.

Interest Rates and Other Features the Client Should Be Aware of

According to the fact that a personal loan does not presuppose a collateral and other difficult points, it can be processed fast.

The size of your credit and the APR depend on two major factors:

  • Your credit history;
  • Your debt-to-income ratio.


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Based on these features the lender can decide how much he/she wishes to give and how high the interest rate will be.

One of the most advantageous peculiarities of such unsecured loans is a fixed rate and no early payment penalty.

It means you possess all the vital information about your credit and can manage funds the way you like.

Additionally, there is an opportunity to pay off the loan earlier than a necessary time.

An online credit calculator available on the website will help you count the approximate total loan size available and interest rate to decide if the option is worth trying.

All in all, considering Lending Tree loans, take into account the benefits and weak points of each offer and take the most beneficial decision.

1 review

  1. Mitchell

    Having a wedding in a few months we did not have enough money to cover all the related expenses. The only solution was to take a loan. Lending Tree loan worked well, since the company offers low interest rates (5.99% minimal) and convenient policies. Since I had a clear credit history and the debt-to-income ratio was also high, we got the lowest rate possible and paid it off in a couple of years after our successful big date.

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