Huntington Bank Student Loans Review

While receiving higher education is a challenging task per se, requesting a loan to afford it shouldn’t be.

Private student loans are the one of two major options that can help ease the financial burden, when the other one, federal financial aid, isn’t enough or isn’t being taken up.

In general, such loans allow more flexibility: everyone can apply for them, the rates quoted are usually the most competitive, and they cover ALL education costs.

In particular, to find the right lender to deal with can be an issue.

Huntington Bank: Facts and Features

Turning to one of the most regarded regional institutions, Huntington Bank, for alternative college loan financing (that is how private student loans are commonly referred to) you should be aware of the following:

  • In general:
  1. The bank provides financial services to the following states: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
  2. It is the Official Consumer Bank of OSU (the Ohio State University). This relationship involves scholarships, education/alumni programming, community lending, and investments.
  • In particular:
  1. Student loans provided by Huntington Bank are subject to credit approval: the better score you (your co-signer) have (has), the more favorable repayment conditions you can obtain.
  2. The bank promises to tailor your loan so that it could meet your borrowing needs; this is a chance for you to negotiate the best rates and terms today so that those won’t plague you later in life.

Huntington Bank Student Loans

Benefits of Dealing with Huntington Bank

In deciding on the bank to deal with all the benefits provided are usually the second important thing after facts and features factor.

Taking a student loan from Huntington Bank both applicant and co-applicant usually pays their attention to the following benefits:

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– Since the bank features policies of an online one and works with respect for its customers’ time management, it provides a secure, easy and fast application process.

– It provides a number of rather flexible payment options (bi-weekly, weekly and monthly) and doesn’t impose penalties, prepayments and extra payments.

– Student loans provided by the bank feature payment deferment, which allows the applicant to postpone paying off the taken loan until after graduation.

– The bank’s consumer-friendly fee structures result in a more lenient overdraft policy, which you will appreciate when start repaying your student loan.

– Upon graduation all applicants can consolidate their student loans into one loan by refinancing them; this implies potentially lower interest rates lowering the overall payment.

– Last but not the least, the bank’s debt protection program stipulates support and assistance in solving the problems caused by unemployment, injury, disability, etc.

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  1. Linda Barker

    Having many expenses as a student I could not cover them at a time, so I had to take a loan. Huntington student loan was an optimal variant for me, since further consolidation with lower interest rates was available. Thus, having an average credit history and meeting other requirements of the lender I got the loan rather fast and at reasonable rates and terms. Currently, I am paying off the consolidated loan I took while at the University.

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