How to Get Chase Bank Routing Number

Chase Routing Number, or transit number, is often referred to as a routing number and serves as identification of a bank as a federal or state institution and proves that it has the option to maintain a Federal Reserve account.

In contrast to an account number which identifies the account owned by a person with a bank, a routing number identifies the bank which is used by that person.

ABA routing number

ABA numbers are obligatory in most cases when there’s a need to pay the bills by phone using a check, reorder checks or set up a direct deposit.

ABA routing number of Chase Bank can be easily acquired from any check issued by the bank.

Chase routing numbers vary depending on the location where the account was opened, that’s why the search for a routing number must refer to the client’s location from the very beginning.

A routing number is a nine digit unique code that the bank has assigned to its subsidiaries in different states to identify the location of the account while making both online and offline financial operations.

Finding a Chase Bank routing number is quite an easy task, as it is indicated in the left bottom area of the checks issued by the bank.

It is necessary to know the bank routing number when it comes to performing direct deposits, Fedwire fund transfers and other automated online transfers.

chase routing number

Chase Bank clients have an opportunity to select a routing number from the list, and take advantage of fast services of online wire or fund transfer.

Still, it’s worth mentioning, that to operate wire transfers, the SWIFT number of the bank branch where the transfer should go is often required.

Chase Routing Numbers:

Routing NumberStates
021000021New York – Downstate
022300173New York – Upstate
051900366West Virginia
021202337New Jersey


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  1. Cathy says

    I have long been looking for a Chase Bank routing number for several US states, but here you’ve provided a whole range of them. So many thanks

  2. Robert says

    I work in a bank and when people wonder what a routing number is for, I always tell them it is the way the bank is identified. To get a Chase Bank routing number one can either turn to the financial institution or look it up in the Internet. Here you’ve provided us with routing numbers in different states and saved most users lots of time.

    1. Saakshi says

      Chips ABA no:
      Fed wire number:
      Chips uid no:
      Which one is routing number?

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