Home Mortgage Protection Insurance

A house is probably one of the biggest investments during a person’s life, and your income influences the level of your family’s life.

A very important thing about mortgage is timely payment, so in case you get into some kind of accident, your family becomes unprotected and mortgage interest rate increases.

However, it’s possible to prevent this situation with a new option available – Home Mortgage Protection Insurance.

So many unexpected things happen during the life connected with job, health, house and other issues, and you do not know what you will face tomorrow. In case you took a mortgage and got in any of these situations, now you have a chance to relax and stop worrying.

Mortgage Protection Program is specially created to deal with such cases. Apply for it and check how reliable and helpful it is.

How It Works

Home Mortgage Protection InsuranceMortgage insurance policy is the option that provides your family members with the funds necessary for mortgage payments in case of your job problems, accidents, illnesses or even death.

The main advantages of such insurance include:

  • Long-term protection (from 15 to 30 years)
  • Possibility to pay once a month, quarter or annually
  • Premiums can be either increased or reduced after each 5 years of the policy usage, though they cannot exceed the maximal level drawn in the contract
  • Possible discounts and reduced prices for premiums in case of additional insurance registration
  • Select the coverage you need based on the mortgage balance. Choose the primary settings that are comfortable and easy for you
  • Transform your mortgage insurance into a lifelong one in a few hours

Simple and convenient process of receiving and paying the protection insurance is an additional benefit offered by any company.

Besides, helpful staff will help you to fill in the data and solve the appeared issues.

Types of Coverage Available

Applying for Home Mortgage Protection Insurance, you will be offered to opt for your exact case.


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The most common are disablement, unemployment and death.

– Life Cover is an option beneficial in case of your family member death or terminal illness. In this situation you will get 100% of your insurance coverage. Besides, you can cover all the loan balance left (if it does not exceed $1 million). Having mortgage balance less than the cover made, the difference will be paid to the state.

– Unemployment Cover can be applied in case of involuntary dismissal not more often that once a year. You can take the advantage of mortgage protection insurance up to 90 days that are necessary to find a job. Nevertheless, wait for around 30 days to get your benefits approved and payable.

– Disablement Cover is allowed to attain as many times as you need during the life of the policy. Up to 24 months of payments are available for each customer. Low interest rates and quick pay-out are the main features of such insurance, so it is a great way to secure your family against unforeseen situations.

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  1. Michelle says

    There is one thing I’ve learned I think forever: if you apply for a mortgage, mortgage protection insurance is a must-have. So many unpredictable things are happening all the time that without some kind of protection against those you or your close people can easily end up with bankruptcy stuff or something even worse. Whatever may happen, your close people shouldn’t be encumbered by a mortgage. That’s what this type of insurance is offered for.

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