The Home Depot Project Loan Review

Since the first days of existence, the Home Depot Project Loan has been appreciated as a convenient and beneficial credit for big changes in the house.

Besides, it has also been concluded that other cards and services are more competitive for the customers who wish to purchase something or make other changes.


Due to the fact that the card is not supposed to be used for getting bonuses and rewards, it is better to choose a basic credit card in case of big shopping.

Though, the project loan by the Home Depot features a huge credit limit for house renovation and building projects, as well as a rather long term to pay off the loan.

In such a way, you may receive up to $40,000 and pay the money back during 7 years.

Learn the following information and compare the project loan with other offers available before making your choice.

About Home Depot Project

The interest rates, terms and possible penalties are the main peculiarities that influence the popularity of the loan.

The project credit attracts customers who are aimed at a single big plan that requires much money.

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The beneficial point for such a customer is a comparatively low fixed interest rate that is 7.99% and absence of any annual fees.

The client gets an opportunity to receive up to $40,000 and an exclusive chance to split the payoff for seven years. Additionally, he/she has 6 extra months for necessary purchases.

How to Get

The essential point one should keep in mind is that the project loan offered by the Home Depot can be used exceptionally at the Home Depot stores and its online shop.

To receive the credit you have to make a few simple steps with the most significant one being an application. Fill in the form, submit it and wait till the representative of the customer service contacts you.

The moment you are approved for the loan you are guaranteed to receive up to $40,000 depending on your needs and desires.

After the confirmation of the project loan by the Home Depot, you have half a year to make all the inevitable purchases for your further project.

During this period of time you are charged only with an interest rate for the purchases you make. The interest rate is fixed and reaches 7.99% APR.

After the given time, you will receive another 84 months to return the money with the same rate and without any penalty for prepayment.

Finally, Home Depot Project Loan can be of great help for those who need a great credit for a construction or maintenance project, though the credit will be beneficial only if you pay it off as fast as possible (without using 84 months offered).

3 reviews

  1. Hunter

    Our family got the Home Depot project loan to renovate our house. We needed a substantial sum of money to fulfil all of our needs fast, and it was nearly impossible that we could pay out of our pocket. We didn’t want to get any loans at first, but then it seemed a reasonable solution. We didn’t overpay much but were able to meet our deadline, and it turned out great in the end.

  2. Garry

    My family was rather critical to any loans for home renovation, though the house required fixing and we had no sufficient sum of money to cover all the expenses. Home Depot project loan served a great solution for our family, since the interest rates were not high and there were no early payment penalty. Thanks to fast and timely payouts we did not lose much.

  3. Conrad

    Since the house renovation is not an emergency case, my family deferred this moment for as long as we could. But learning about Home Depot project loan, we decided to use the chance. The lender offered competitive interest rates, and the sums of money available were more than sufficient for home managing and fixings. We have paid off the loan faster, though got no penalty.

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