Good Banks for College Students

College is not only about education and having fun in between your studies but also certain responsibilities a student faces concerning insufficient funds notices and overdraft fees.

At this point of life any student becomes a grown-up who needs to deal with lots of financial realities, often not positive at all.

When not selecting good banks for college students at first you may find yourself in a confusing financial situation concerning bank fees and other banking stuff.

Moreover, not all the banking institutions in the US are focused on students’ financial needs, though there are some.

3 Things Students Need from US Banks

– It’s of vital importance for students to have an easy access to the bank in case of need. When caught among campus and educational activities most students really need their bank to possess this feature.

Many of them don’t possess a car or sometimes there is no branch of the bank nearby. So a financial institution that will provide students with an opportunity of mobile banking is a perfect choice.

– No fees. There are banks that make you pay for maintaining a deposit in the checking account or have a certain sum of money deposited every month. While students are usually tight on the budget, they are not able to meet such requirements and tend to look for financial institutions that would provide them with free checking accounts without additional fees.

Moreover, there are even national institutions and good online banks that have this issue in mind and provide college students with perfect banking options.

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– Best money management. The certain independence college students get when they enter any higher educational establishment may bring up the problem of correct money management. So the best banks and other financial institutions do not only provide accessible and affordable options but can also guide and support students in using their finances.

There are certain accounts created especially for this purpose that help young people make the right money choices and manage their finances.

8 Best Banks Students Can Opt for

Good Banks for College StudentsWe have created a list of good banks for college students that were chosen according to the priorities mentioned above.

Most students use the following banks for the best and most convenient service they provide:

  1. Citibank
  2. Bank of America
  3. TD Bank
  4. S. Bank
  5. Wells Fargo
  6. The Citizens Bank
  7. BB&T
  8. PNC Bank

2 reviews

  1. Willy

    You understand that your childhood has come to an end when you need to deal with your budget yourself. I’m a college student who has been in search of a good and reliable bank for quite a long period of time. Sometimes you just come to thinking banks do not care about students and provide them with really high rates and fees. However, there are several banks that I chose from which appeared to be focused on my needs. Now I am a client of Bank of America and it’s really easy to do all the banking using my mobile device and paying a small fee.

  2. Fred

    Not so long ago I started looking for good banks for college students that would provide me with the most beneficial for me requirements and not so high interest rates. Actually, your article helped me a lot as I understood what I needed first of all and how to select among a plethora of options. Thanks, guys!

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