General Liability Insurance California

Having your own business presupposes much responsibility. It is like a child that requires your full attention and constant care.

That is why it is not a good way to think that much money and a good idea for a business are sufficient to prosper.

Your business must not exist somehow surviving in the competition on the market only, but it must be a progressive source of income. Otherwise, it is going to bring to big financial losses and even debts.

Owning a Business in California Is Quite a Challenge

General Liability Insurance California
Businessman with umbrellas in heavy rain.

California is known as the golden state. According to the statistics, over the entire state the city can boast of as many as 3,400,000 small businesses.

Thus, there is quite a number of businesses of the same kind and a number of possibilities and situations to make your business down.

So, you should take care of all kinds of protection to keep your business safe and prosperous. General liability insurance California is one of the measures to be undertaken to ensure a comparatively safe future to your company without any financial losses.

Though general business liability insurance in California is not a must, its usefulness cannot be underestimated.

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Top Troubles That Insurance Combats

Being approved for liability insurance in California you can be sure that the following troubles will be covered by the insurance provider. Claims for all kinds of injuries:

  • advertising;
  • bodily;
  • personal.


  • property damages;
  • judgments and legal defense.

How Big Your Insurance Coverage Should Be

As a rule, $500,000 – $1,000,000 is enough. However, there are special cases when the risk of the described above troubles’ occurrence becomes higher.

For instance, the number of sufferers from all those injuries can be higher than in other businesses due to closer interaction with people (either other workers or just public).

In such cases your general liability insurance coverage should be increased to provide you with proper financial support in due time.

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California Requirements to Small Business Owners

The main positions of average California general liability insurance are dictated by the requirements characteristic for this state. Therefore, if you are the owner of a small business located in California, you should remember that it requires you:

– to carry employees’ compensation insurance;

– to guarantee disability insurance to employees in case of their sicknesses or injuries;

– to buy a commercial auto policy and make sure all your eligible drivers carry at least minimal auto insurance.

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As a conclusion, it should be said that California general business liability insurance packages covering all the mentioned mandatory items offered at rationally assessed costs will surely make your business prosper without crucial financial waste on trials.

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  1. Edward says

    Of course, general liability insurance is not a must-have in terms of stipulated by the state cover, but it really is if you want to secure your business against anything that may affect it. As a responsible employer (so many things and people depend on me) I knew I needed to purchase one, so had to spend quite a bit of time shopping around for a rationally assessed policy. Since I was rather picky, a really tailored one is in my pocket.

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