Fortiva Personal Loans Review

Fortiva personal loans are being offered by a premium company, which specializes in credits and financial alternatives for all customers, who due to certain reasons have been rejected by traditional financing authorities.

About Fortiva

The company has been successfully developing in business during the past 15 years, and by now has already managed to expand over 6000 locations across 50 states.

Current reviews show that the company has already managed to gain more than 13 million customers.

Thanks to its extensive experience and professionalism, the company is able to provide innovative technology and up-to-date solutions for sake of achieving the most optimum results.

In addition, Fortiva spends additional time to provide its clients with trainings related to offers, terms and diversified processes related to financing.

Likewise, Fortiva loans can be easily received and effectively explained.

Actually, even customers who have bad credit scores still can request for furniture financing facilities provided by Fortiva.

Fortiva Personal Loans

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Fortiva Personal Loan Special Offers, Rates and Payment Details

When talking about personal loans, the amounts may range from $2000 to $10000, with associated repayment terms around 24 to 48 months.

APRs for Fortiva loans can have the lowest value of 15% and highest value of 35.99%, which, of course, depends on the total amount the customer has been approved for together with credit score.

Fortiva do not cause any other associated fees except for a $15 late fee as well as a $35 NSF fee.

Payday loans may vary from $100 to $1000, while Personal loans are between $1000 to $35000, and installment loans are from minimum of $500 and up to maximum of $15000.

When it comes to payment options Fortiva also demonstrates a big variety of options, which are can be suitable for every individual.

For example, the payment may be taken via automatic withdrawals, which are known as “ACH transfers“.

In this case, loan payments will be done automatically straight from the customer’s bank account.

Likewise, each payment will be done precisely on time and will eliminate any worries from customer’s side with regards to possibility of missing out any payments as well as receiving any late fees.

Hereby, there is no doubt that Fortiva personal loans represent one of the most suitable solutions for those people, who want to receive a reliable support within a short period of time.

3 reviews

  1. Audra Haney

    I hope and pray that this company can help me change my life financially​. It hard times now and I barely making it.

  2. Owen

    Fortiva loans can be easily received and effectively explained. This loan is the best loan I have ever taken in my life time.Fortiva spends extra time to provide its clients with trainings related to offers, terms and diversified processes related to financing.Good repayment terms is the attracting thing of this loan. Interest rate is also good to afford. Thank you Fortiva loans

  3. Laura

    Wow i like that people with bad credit can get approved. That will help bring their credit scores up.

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