Flagship Merchant Services Review

Being an innovative company and an undeniable leader among other similar platforms, Flagship Merchant Services offer credit card processing opportunities for diverse business types.

The company suits customers who earn from $2,500 up to $75,000 a month and require mainstream service.

As any other time-tested service, Flagship cares of its compatibility, technology, stability and other features striving to offer the best options to their clients.

However, despite a great range of advantages they offer, surely, there is a couple of drawbacks and inconveniences one should mind when making a decision.

Services and Products of Flagship

While the number of services and products available in Flagship is rather limited, they are valuable due to high effectiveness and functionality.

The company offers the exact features necessary to get started.

Essential Merchant services of Flagship include:

– Virtual terminals and gateway. This service gives you an opportunity to save around $100 in multiple cases. The gateway appears from Authorize.net and requires no setup fees. The product provides an access to the mobile app and checkout payment function for the website.

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– Merchant accounts. Since merchant services of Flagship are not a direct processor, most transactions are made through related companies, such as First Data and iPayment.

– Credit card terminals. Flagship services are characterized by terminals of First Data FD 10 Pin Pad, FD 55, FD 400, FD 200 and Hepercom T 4220, available at the website.

– Mobile processing. This function is accessible through MobilePay of its parent company iPayment.

– Shopping cart setup.

– Online reporting.Flagship Merchant Services Review


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Fees and Rates

The very beneficial feature of services at Flagship is no data on rates and standard fees, which means you can negotiate your best deal.

The only common peculiarity is minimum $25 monthly. Among other fees of the company are:

  • Fee for an Autorize.net gateway, that is $7.95 a month;
  • Non-action PCI fee. Once you have not completed a PCI assignment, you will have to pay extra $19.95 monthly.

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The company has no hidden junk fees and early termination expenses, but there are a couple of unavoidable payments, such as chargebacks and network fees.

In general, if you avoid non-compliance of the PCI and process more than a monthly minimum, Flagship Merchant Services are rather competitive and affordable, though not the cheapest cost-plus markup available on the market.

  1. Megan says

    At first I wanted to use bank merchant services for my business but I was turned down by them, as it often happens with not so big compamies, so Flagship Merchant Services was a very good solution. Basically they offer the same variety of options and services, and working with them is very convenient.

  2. Brent says

    Flagship merchant services helped my business to prosper and me to increase the income. The most impressive thing for me, as a businessman, was lack of fixed rates and other obligatory payments. A completely personalized approach is the thing mostly appreciated in the company. After negotiating all the services and their costs, my business can feel a significant improvement.

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