Essex Credit Boat Loans Review

Financing your next boat purchase can be a hassle, but Essex Credit does everything possible to make this experience fast, easy and stress-free.

That’s because this company takes care of all the details involved, from documents to repayment procedures.

Read this review to learn more about Essex Credit.

The best part is that borrowers can get competitive terms and rates, and trusted associates will guide them throughout the entire process.

Everything about Essex Boat Loans

Are you shopping for a suitable boat loan?

Whether you want to buy a new boat or want to refinance your existing loan, Essex Credit is there to help you because it offers everything you need.

essex boat loans

Basically, there are different financing solutions waiting for borrowers of many backgrounds, including:

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  • High performance boats;
  • Custom power, standard, and sail boats;
  • Live-aboards;
  • Houseboats;
  • Repower;
  • Wooden and older boats;
  • Pontoon boats;
  • Multi-hull boats, such as trimarans and catamarans;
  • Electric boats;
  • Classic and antique boats.

The good news is that it’s quite simple to get started immediately, and all applicants can calculate their regular installment, future interest rates and required loan amounts.

That’s because Essex Credit offers a convenient and fast online calculator, so that you can get your approximate rates within a few seconds.

Besides, it’s easy to apply for your boat loan online to take the first step towards buying the boat of your dreams.

How to Refinance Your Current Boat Loans

Another great thing is that Essex Credit offers customers a great opportunity to refinance their current boat loans.


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Think about the benefits of this offer if you have the same goal. Your path to refinancing is quite straightforward, so that you can get pre-approved and obtain competitive interest rates.

With this excellent refinance offer, Essex Credit can waive loan processing fees considerably and provide you with convenient 1-stop shopping.

The main reason is that this reputable credit company handles all the details of your loan transactions, from paying off current lenders to registration and titling.

Essex Credit Boat Loans

As a client of this company, you benefit from no-hassle and stress-free refinancing programs, so you can just concentrate on something that is really important, such as enjoying your boat.

It’s advisable to grab this opportunity to reduce your monthly loan installments, even if you have a bad credit.

How to Apply for Boat Loans

What kind of information do I need to apply for the boat loan offered by Essex Credit? This question is often asked by people interested in this lending solution.

In general, all applicants need to provide their standard employment and demographic data, complete personal financial statements that include all of their liabilities and assets, and provide the company with information relevant to the boat that they’re interested in either refinancing or buying.

As an important part of the entire underwriting process, Essex Credit may also ask for your tax returns or bank statements for both retirements and non-retirements assets.

This information is needed to verify your net worth and regular income when you apply for Essex Credit boat loans.

At the end of this fast application process you’re required to upload all of these documents to speed up its verification by the lender.

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  1. Kenny

    No-hassle and stress-free sure would be a wonderful alternative to the stressful process most people I know have gone through to get a loan to buy a boat. Thanks for sharing about Essex.

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