Embrace Home Loans Review

Licensed in the District of Columbia and 46 states nationally a full-service mortgage lender, Embrace Home Loans, promises to get you the right loan.

Being proud of more than 30-year experience in the business one of the biggest in the US lenders provides the fullest menu of mortgage solutions to consumers that want to buy a new home, replace an existing mortgage, need to consolidate high-interest debt, etc.


Basically, there are two major categories that cover all the services provided at Embrace Loans: buying a new home and refinancing an existing mortgage.

Each category includes explaining and direct working on the taken approach, offered services, provided solutions, brought benefits and peculiarities accompanying the entire process.

Both specialties have a number of common features and peculiar ones, which ensure overall ”embracing” – the major objective that the team of the company (over 600 employees) are claiming to work for.

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Direct assistance in buying a new home includes dealing with a Personal Mortgage Specialist,

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offering different types of loans featuring the lowest rates (FHA insured, conventional, VA, HARP 2)

practical and valuable expert advice and support to first time home buyers who Embrace especially care for

Approved to Move program that stipulates full approval before the buyers find a home, and four stages of improved home loan process (pre-qualification, loan application, mortgage approval and new loan closing).

The service of refinancing includes replacing an existing high-interest loan,

giving debt consolidation loans (credit card, auto, medical, etc.),

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lowering monthly mortgage payments making one of loans offered by Embrace (conventional, FHA insured, VA, HARP 2),

getting benefit from MIP reduction that stipulates lowering mandatory monthly insurance premiums,

making personal loans with typically deductible interest rates and three stages of refinance loan process (loan application, mortgage approval and new loan closing).

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Embrace Home Loans

Dealing with Embrace: Be Aware of the Benefits

  • Embrace pride themselves in taking a streamline, personal approach that makes an entire process easy and stress-free.
  • It also claims to help you with all your loan needs: getting the one featuring the lowest interest rates available on the market or providing the most beneficial refinancing.
  • You will be pre-qualified in a day, and this will be done without imposing any obligations and application fees.
  • Low interest rates, low regular and predictable monthly payments, payback term shortening (if required), getting cash fast, better overall terms are only a few more benefits of dealing with Embrace.

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  1. John

    Since buying home is a very important lifetime issue, my family decided to risk and take a loan. After a long time reading the information about different types of mortgages, we made our choice in favor of Embrace home loan. With an online calculator available on the website, we counted an approximate sum we had to pay, and it was rather satisfactory. The key advantages of the company are convenience, affordability and confidentiality.

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