DCU Personal Loans Review

Once you need money for unplanned expenses, you can either borrow it from your family or address the nearest financial company and take a loan.

The latter will, probably, be a better option, since you can get the required sum of money fast and at competitive rates.

DCU is known to be a non-for-profit financial organization that has headquarters in Massachusetts.

However, the company offers online services that give an exclusive opportunity to access their services for people all around the world.

About DCU Loans

DCU personal loans serve a great solution for clients who are in search of the bank with optimal loan conditions.

An average customer is likely to be qualified for the loan, especially if his/her credit history is clear and the score is rather high.

The company offers a range of personal loan types, including the following:

  • Traditional personal loan is a usual signature loan;
  • Credit builder is preferred by people who want to build or improve credit history;
  • Savings-secured is a loan type with your DCU savings or Certificate Account as collateral;
  • Stock-secured allows borrowing against the stock possessed.

Each loan type has its own features and peculiarities, thus, it can be beneficial or not, depending on the personal case.

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The conditions and rates also differ greatly, since the APR of the saving-secured loan is equal to 3.5%, while the interest rate of personal loan reaches 8.75%.

The terms also vary from 24 months up to 240 months. Opt for the best option, apply for it, get qualified and use the money for your needs.

DCU Personal Loan Rates, APRs

Personal loan with DCU can serve a dependable way to get cash, necessary for:

  • Debt consolidation;
  • Educational expenses;
  • Medical care;
  • Personal needs;
  • Home supplies and improvements, etc.

The loan will help you handle any of your obligations within $25,000. While the sum of money available is not the biggest possible, it is sufficient for the main expenses.

DCU Personal Loans

Additionally, competitive conditions will make the experience beneficial. With a personal loan by DCU, you will have an opportunity to borrow $25,000 for up to 60 months.


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With these features, you will turn the loan into an affordable issue, since your monthly payments will be not that significant.

Additionally, the loan features reasonable fixed rates that mean your monthly repayments and APRs will not be changed during the loan repayment term.

Moreover, DCU offers numerous benefits and discounts for its customers. Being qualified for a personal loan, you can save some sum of money with electronic payment and relationship advantages.

Terms / Features Our Best Rate
Annual Percentage Rate Estimated Monthly Payment
per $1,000
Up to 60 Months 8.75% $20.64

Being a member of DCU financial company, your monthly payments can be paid automatically with the help of online or mobile banking, DCU ATM and others.

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Applying for Personal Loan with DCU

If you consider the loan beneficial in your case and the sum of money offered is sufficient for your purposes, you can apply for the loan and get qualified within a few working days.

DCU offers fast and easy ways to apply, including:

  • Online application;
  • Application by phone;
  • Application in any of DCU branches.

Opt for the most convenient method, fill in the application form, get qualified for the loan and get the desirable cash.

Use DCU personal loans to deal with your financial difficulties and related problems.

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  1. Dorothy

    Upon leaving school, I had to choose the college I could afford. Since I didn’t have much money, but wanted to study, I started looking for a loan. Searching the web, I came across DCU personal loans that seemed rather promising. Fixed monthly payments, affordable interest rates and other features looked rather promising. It is the last year of my loan and I am extremely glad that with DCU none of the financial difficulties could prevent me from getting the desired profession.

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