Citywide Home Loans Review

Buying a house is one of the most important lifetime events.

However, the vast majority of people require certain financial help and support, if they are looking for the new home.

Currently, the market is filled with different options, providing clients with innovative opportunities and loan types, though Citywide Home Loans are the top offers.

Their main features are convenience, safety and advantageousness.

Being a correspondent lender, Citywide provides a complete range of standard and exclusive loans, meeting the requirements of various clients.

The company is licensed in over 35 states and offers many bond programs to its clients.

Experience, professionalism and safety are the key peculiarities of the lender and its services.

About Citywide

Interest rates, repayment plans, terms and other conditions of the loan can vary greatly, depending on the mortgage type you choose.

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Citywide home loan reviews

Currently, Citywide provides the following opportunities, including:

  • Conventional loans are the most traditional mortgages that require 5% down and provide affordable interest rates. However, to get credit, a client will have to provide from fair to excellent credit history;
  • VA is available for veterans, military service members or eligible surviving spouses. The main advantage of such a loan is a decreased fee rate that helps these categories of clients become homeowners;
  • Construction loans feature short-term financing of new home construction expenses. The loan is designed more directly to the borrower;
  • State bond is an ultimate opportunity for those, who need 100% financing for home purchase. The loan type features low interest rates that enable people to invest in their homes;
  • Rural housing is a specific loan type that is offered to borrowers, who want to buy home in the rural area. Learn the conditions and rates of the loan before application;
  • Home renovation options allow people improve and repair homes, increasing their value in mortgage with fully amortized, low rates.

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How to Apply for Citywide Home Loan?

Striving to get a beneficial option from the list of available ones, you need to take numerous steps.

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First of all, browse the website of the company, learn detailed information about its services, conditions, terms, repayment features and other requirements of the loan.

Then, you need to pass qualifications and fill in an online application form.

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Local Citywide loan officer will soon contact you to learn detailed information and provide you with the most convenient offers.

He/she will help you get the best of Citywide Home Loans at the most reasonable rates and with the most convenient services.

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  1. Michael

    For buying a home, this will be the best loan. They provide the most convenient offers. The loan is designed more directly to the borrower.Great customer service and the person I dealt with was very professional and explained everything thoroughly. Easy application and quick response. Very easy and straightforward!!

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