Citi Simplicity Credit Card Review

No matter how hard you work to live without credits, this is not the age when you can manage that.

To keep up with others and enjoy your life you do have to resort to such innovations as credit cards. Well, actually, credit cards are not that new, and developed countries highly estimated the use of those long ago.

The good thing about credit cards is that they are not quite credit. The conditions of paying back the borrowed money are milder due to lower sums offered if compared with those provided when crediting clients.

And so, here is the Citi Simplicity credit card review that can help you become determined about applying for it.

About Citi Simplicity

When you are considering a new credit card turning up on the market, you check out its features according to the following criteria:

  • What is the introductory APR?
  • What are the late fees?
  • How much the APR changes if I miss the payment date?
  • What’s the annual fee?

These are the most common questions asked, and these are the ones that raise Citi Simplicity over others on the market.

Enjoying your zero introductory APR on shopping you are sure to pay none of other mentioned fees, and no fines expect you in case you miss the date of paying out your credit.

These can be called the main advantages of the described credit card issued by Citibank for as long as 21 months.

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Other Features of Citi Simplicity Card

The sure thing is that the mentioned above positive issues do not make up the full image of this credit card.

Let us go on with this Citi Simplicity review to consider its other features.

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It is necessary to understand that a credit card is oriented on bringing profit to both sides – provider and users.

Thus, all cards have their advantages and disadvantages. The question is which credit card is the most acceptable to the user.

Citibank Credit Card Advantages

  • some fees only;
  • 0% introductory APR is of the longest term;
  • you are never punished for late payments;
  • excellent customer support service.

As it has already been said, you are delivered from the necessity to pay penalty fees that other credit card holders usually do.

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The range of fees that you will have to pay is shorter than that for holders of other credit cards. 12.99-22.99% for purchases only when the introductory 21 months of 0% APR are gone. Other fees are paid for:

  • foreign transaction;
  • cash advance;
  • returned payment.

A Few Disadvantages

Sure, this review dedicated to Citi Simplicity card would not seem true and would not be that useful if it did not contain any info on disadvantages of the card:

  • it belongs to the number of no-rewards credit cards;
  • though the 0% introductory term is longer than of other credit cards, the minimal APR after the term is not the lowest;
  • 3% foreign transaction fee (though you can never pay it if you never travel).

1 review

  1. Bernice

    If someone can live without such an invention as a credit card, that’s certainly not me. I want to keep up with everything that is going on around and for that flexibility in money related stuff should be available. I’ve chosen Citi Simplicity Credit Card and actually don’t regret about the choice. Firstly, I can get the necessary amount whenever I need it, and, secondly, zero introductory APR and no fine in case of overdue payment do sound convincing.

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