Citi Simplicity Card Review

Citibank Simplicity Credit Card login and password are used for accessing an account registered on the bank’s website.

If you have no the Simplicity Card yet, but thinking about getting one, you should read this article further, because here you will find out some useful information about this credit card, including what benefits it provides.


Citibank is a global bank that has been operating since 1812.

It provides many different financial services/products, including credit cards, different types of loans, mortgages, and more.

It has more than 2,500 branches in nearly 20 countries.

The bank has a user-friendly site, and lots of operation can be done by their customers online, including applying for the card, activation of the card, managing your account, and more.

About Citibank Simplicity Card

This is one of the types of Citibank cards.

If you get it, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

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  • No fees during the introductory period that lasts for 18 months;
  • No introductory purchase APR;
  • 5% or $5 transfer fee (the higher amount is taken);
  • No APR during the introductory period;
  • From to 15.49 25.49% regular APR.


Although there are no penalty fees, you should avoid delaying your Citi simplicity payment because this will lead to a large interest.

citi simplicity card reviews

Also, if you delay your payment for over 30 days, this may worsen your credit report.

Who should get Citibank Simplicity Credit Card?

Getting this card is a wise choice for the following people:

  • Those looking for a solid credit card without late Citi simplicity payment penalties;
  • Those who need to use 0% offer for financing large purchases;
  • Those who just want to enjoy easy, understood, and convenient services.

How Can You Get the Card?

It is possible to apply online by providing certain information about yourself. When you get your card, you can visit the activation page of the bank to activate it.

It is a very easy and quick procedure.

You can also just go to one of the Citibank offices and apply for their services/products there.


Citibank Simplicity Card allows customers to enjoy many different benefits, including no or low fees, a pretty long introductory period, and others.

You can enter Citibank Simplicity Credit Card login and your password to check your account details right on the bank’s website, which is very convenient.

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