Cheap Car Insurance in California

Living in California you are obliged to have at least liability car insurance.

You know that holding car insurance is rather expensive, that is why the state’s insurance companies offer various discounts for reliable drivers.

Cheap Car Insurance in California – Hot toget it?

If you want to know who has the cheapest car insurance in California and how to get it, then go on reading and you will find lots of important details that will help you save your time and money processing car insurance.

Requirements for Cheap Car Insurance

You know that each state has variations of car insurance law. In general, it is the same all around the country, but there are certain peculiarities in each state.

Talking about California, the first thing that is required by law is coverage of expenses that may arise in a possible car accident. The most common car insurance to satisfy this law is liability insurance.

So, the least sum paid for this type of insurance varies from $5,000 up to $30,000 depending on the damage.

Discount Programs for Car Insurance in California

Realizing the fact that the expiration date of your car insurance comes to an end and you have to renew it soon, you’d better read the information below to get the cheapest car insurance in California.

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First of all, it is necessary to mention that the majority of car insurance companies in California offer different discounts for well-experienced drivers, ones with perfect driving history, etc.

Here we will give you the details of some of the most popular and widely spread discount programs for car insurance in California.

As it has already been mentioned, California has some specific issues in the general car insurance law that is why there are different discounts possible in some cases.

There are at least two policies that help you reduce your car insurance costs: discounts for good drivers and insurance program for low-income drivers.

Clear Driving History Discount

If you doubt who has the cheapest car insurance in California or whether you have chances to get it, check the list below and be sure you are the driver to get the discount for car insurance.

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According to the Good Driver Discounts, the last three years of your driving history are taken into account.get the cheapest car insurance in California

You are considered to be a good driver if:

– You have not more than 1 violation record;

– You haven’t been the at-fault in the car accident;

– You have not been fined more than once.

Low-Income Drivers in California

If you are 19 years old and more, possess a driver’s license, have a cheap car (less than $25,000) and you fill an income declaration that proves you have a low income, you are sure to get discounts according to the Low Cost Insurance Program in California.

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  1. Miriel says

    I am a college student possessing a low income and I’m willing to get a discount for car insurance. Is there any chance you can provide a list of reputable cheap liability car insurance California companies that are loyal to students?

  2. Brandon says

    When I had to find car insurance in California, the first thing I thought about was its price. But there are other things people need to consider. Thanks for such interesting information and useful tips.

  3. Anthony says

    Although we, Angelenos, almost worship cars, having some in California is quite a costly affair: maintenance, fuelling, insurance… If you, just like me, are looking for the cheapest car insurance, California based companies have really bargain options. Check out liability insurance, which is pretty good, then check out discounts for good drivers and programs for low-income guys. Shop around and compare; that’s the tip.

  4. Mark says

    I prefer Allstate Company.

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