Chase Bank Student Loans Review

In the past, students could get extra funds to finance their education through the Federal Government.

That granted loans secured by private lending companies, and these loans were actually issued by credit unions and private banks.

These days, the way such loans are administered is different because of the necessity to cut out middlemen and decrease the expenses associated with student financing.

Private lenders play diverse roles when it comes to this industry, but they still provide the necessary assistance to any student who needs that.

Products and Services of Chase Bank

Chase Bank student loans offer important supplemental resources to those students who have tried other types of financial assistance for their college.

Basically, they are available to different consumer categories, such as graduate students, undergraduates and everyone who is studying in special graduate-level medical programs.

To get more information about this college financing solution, you should keep reading this review.

To qualify for these loans, borrowers and their possible cosigners need to be the clients of this reputable bank and maintain their qualifying loan relationships or accounts.

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Chase Bank describes them as the following:

  • Deposit, checking, and savings accounts;
  • Credit card or existing loan accounts;
  • All qualified applicants need to be enrolled in certificate and degree programs at the educational institutions that take part in the loan programs designed and supported by Chase Bank.

Moreover, there are certain eligibility requirements that must be met by all applicants, too:

  • They must be US citizens or permanent residents of this country;
  • They should be international students with valid social security numbers applying with cosigners who are permanent residents or US citizens;
  • At the time of their application they all need to be of legal age in the state where they apply for a student loan.

Available Ways to Repay Student Loans

All Chase Bank borrowers qualify for a few distinct and convenient repayment options, including deferred, interest-only and immediate.

Chase Bank Student Loans

Each of them has certain advantages, so you need to consider your personal circumstances to make the right choice. For example, your immediate repayments can help you save money because you pay reduced interest rates.

When borrowers start their loan repayment at once, they have more opportunities to build their credit while still getting education. Another great thing is that this repayment option also decreases their overall debt after graduating.

Chase Student Loan Alternatives

When dealing with deferred repayment solutions, they ease the pressure of borrowers while they still attend colleges. But their total loan amount that must be repaid can exceed their total obligations associated with immediate repayments.

When the interest isn’t paid during their college attendance, some outstanding amounts are usually added to a principle loan balance after graduating or whenever borrowers decide to end their education.


This means that their capitalized interest is added to Chase Bank student loans, and they may lengthen initial repayment periods.

Finally, students are also allowed to consolidate their student loans through a beneficial consolidation process offered by this well-known bank.

It’s a great source to get the necessary financial aid for your education.

2 reviews

  1. Ricki

    This is helpful to know, I didn’t realize it was possible to defer or consolidate student loans… that’s useful as it can be a bumpy transition from school into a good paying job.

  2. Mark

    I think it goes without saying that it’s quite difficult for a student to start living an adult life and be responsible for his/her own finances. I was among such individuals, and when I needed money urgently for my studies, I was lucky to apply for a Chase Bank student loan that suited me a lot.

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