Carrington Mortgage Services Review

Carrington Mortgage Services is located in California and offers a wide range of mortgage assistance services to the customers nationwide.

Carrington Mortgage Service provides a number of services, including refinancing and payments processing.

The company has received significant numbers of positive reviews.

Naturally, there is a portion of its customers who are not satisfied with the financial problems that they are having and who are prone to shift the blame for those onto the financial institutions that they interact with.

Carrington Mortgage Services offers some of the best interest rates and the lowest minimum monthly payments, guaranteeing that its customers are able to smoothly handle their mortgage payments and refinancing.

About Carrington

These are the main services that the company provides:

  • Refinancing
  • Payments Processing
  • Consultation

Let’s take a deep dive into each type of services, provided in California, and look into what reviews say about these services.

Carrington Mortgage Services

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This mortgage company offers the following refinancing services:

  • Lowering interest rates: in some cases, a more suitably structured loan can be found that features a significantly lower rate
  • Debt consolidation: refinancing a home loan may help lower the monthly payments, while bundling together various debts, including credit card and other loans
  • Remodeling home: customers might get the cash out of their mortgage, enabling them to remodel the house. The California-based reviews show that construction can be a justified cause for a cash-out decision.

Payments processing

The customers can visit the website to make a payment.

They can also use the function under the name “Auto Pay”. This enables to make sure that you are never late on your payments.

Additionally, the customers can make the payments via Western Union, online, check or via the wire transfer.

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Consultations concerning payments, rates

The company’s representatives are always ready to consult the customers on any questions that they might have.

The 24/7 hotline enables quick access to qualified customer service specialists, fully trained to handle any questions that might regard mortgage monthly payments, interest rates, overdue amounts, etc.

The mortgage assistance services, furnished by Carrington Mortgage Services, can be a great choice, whenever the customers might be looking for a loan modification or loss mitigation solution.

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The loan modification program has the following benefits:

  • A reduction in rates
  • Interest rates, being fixed for a limited or unlimited period of time
  • Deferring some of the payments

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A loss mitigation program can help the customers who are in the imminent danger of the mortgage default and decline the mortgage assistance services.

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  1. John

    Carrington Mortgage Service provides a number of services, including refinancing and payments processing. Lowering interest rates, Debt consolidation are the various features provided by this loan. It always offers safety and confidence to all of its customers. This is just awesome. This loan is really popular due to the flexibility and reliability.

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