Capital One 360 Review

Capital One 360 is a revolutionary company that features innovative online banking options and dependable support.

In the Capital One 360 review, it is inevitable to mention such famous brand as ING Direct the company derived from.

Due to such tight relations, both financial institutions have similar options, offer identical services and conditions. Considering the platform, its reputation is also worth mentioning.

Online Checking & Savings Accounts

The company is appreciated as a solid online bank with competitive rates, usually better than in other banks of credit unions.

The rates and conditions offered by One 360 are definitely not the most beneficial and profitable, but they are competitive enough to be used by the vast majority of customers.

Safety of the clients is a high concern for the bank, so all the accounts here are FDIC insured.

Simplicity of products, absence of convoluted fees and minimal balances and other features make the institution advantageous and popular.

If you still doubt about the choice of the financial company to work with, learn detailed information about Capital One 360 and make an informed decision.

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You will definitely appreciate the service if you:

  • Prefer convenience tools, such as online banking, mobile apps and others;
  • Have overdraft policies as a priority;
  • Already use the products of Capital One and, thus, wish to keep your money in one place;
  • Have numerous savings aims and want to control them online.

Features and Peculiarities

Striving to earn interest on the cash you have, but still be able to use it at any time, a checking account is the right thing for you.

There are no minimums and extra fees, despite you will have to pay certain penalties for specific actions.

Besides, this product features:

  • Distant check deposit with a scanner or just a mobile phone;
  • Opportunity to deposit and withdraw at any branch of Capital One Bank
  • Free cards provided;
  • Chance to write checks;
  • Online bill pay for free;
  • Overdraft credit line available and others.Capital One 360 Review

Company checking features higher interest than a national average. Thus, you may get 0.2% on the account up to $49,999, and 0.9% for more than $100,000.

Additionally, the service is ultimately convenient, since you can deposit money in a range of ways, such as transferring it from external of other Capital One accounts, mobile deposit, direct deposit, etc.

So, no overdraft or monthly fees, high interest rates, helpful policies and other features make the product beneficial.

On the other hand, the service also has a restricted number of ways to deposit cash, several branches in 8 states and just one checking account accessible for a single client.


Saving accounts are, probably, the most beneficial and convenient services offered.

Among the main features of such accounts are the following:

  • No minimums;
  • No monthly fees;
  • Competitive interest rates that are higher than average;
  • Automated plan of saving;
  • 25 saving accounts are available for a single individual name.

Despite all the advantages mentioned in Capital One 360 review, its rates are not the best.

Overall, this online banking company is the leading one among its competitors on the financial market. Dependable services and competitive conditions make it exclusive and profitable.

1 review

  1. Meghan

    I decided to open a personal checking account and didn’t know which one to choose. Capital One 360 offers the most beneficial and convenient conditions and rates with high safety. I can check my balance using my smartphone without even going to the bank office and write out checks whenever I want. The best service I’ve ever used!

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