BP Credit Card Account Online Review

“How can I get my BP credit card account online,” is a question that many people ask.

You have probably also heard about such a card and that it allows enjoying a range of benefits.

In this review, you will find some initial information about the BP Company and their credit cards as well as what benefit you can enjoy if you get one.


BP (British Petroleum) worldwide is a major oil/gas company. The company has been operating since 1908, so it has a pretty long history.

Today they supply different types of fuel for businesses and individuals, and their branches can be found all over the world.

What Do They Offer?

They offer gas cards that come with different rewards that can be used for everyday purchases.

Their cards work in the way as any other credit cards, but they also allow getting more opportunities for people who often purchase gas at gas stations of BP.

Apply for a card is possible at any BP station, or you can fill in an online application right on their website https://www.mybpstation.com/cards

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BP Credit Card Account

Synchrony Bank issues cards for BP, so if you would like to get an online account to manage your card, you need to be registered there.

The following are the benefits offered by the BP Visa Credit Card:

  • 25¢ off per gal. for every 100 dollars spent at BP;
  • 15¢ off per gal. for every 100 dollars spent on dining, groceries, and travel;
  • 5¢ off per gal. for every 100 dollars spent on other goods and services.

If you use the credit card from BP, you can enjoy the following conditions:

  • 10¢ off per gal. for every 100 dollars spent at BP;
  • APR: 28.49%;
  • Annual Fee: 0 US dollars.

Website: https://www.synchronycredit.com/eSecurity/Login/login.action?clientId=bp&accountType=generic&langId=en

Customer Reviews and Ratings

The cards’ rating on Wallethub.com is 2.5 of 5 based on 366 customers’ reviews.

There are also a few websites giving a low to average rating to the company, but they are based only on few voted.

According to the review on Rewardexpert.com, the BP credit cards’ rating is 67 out of 100.

Who Should Get BP Card?

The card is suitable for following people:

  • Those looking for a credit card to use at stores (groceries), restaurants, gas stations, and other venues;
  • Those who purchase gas right at BP stations.

The card is not good for people:

  • Those looking for a decent bonus;
  • Those who need to get rewards on more categories of goods and services.


BP Visa Credit Card and other types of cards by BP allow customers to obtain additional benefits, but they are not suitable for everyone.

If you are one of those people who use the gas from BP stations pretty often, you should really consider applying for this card. It is easy to manage your card from the “BP Credit Card Account Online” section found on the website of Synchrony Bank.

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