Big Picture Loans Review

Big Picture Loans (BPL) allow obtaining some money when you need to solve temporary financial difficulties.

There is no need to ask your relatives or friends for help and feel uncomfortable about that, because thanks to this company you can cover the hole in your budget in a much simpler, faster and more convenient way.

About Big Picture Loans

BPL is a loan company that offers installment loans (personal loans).

This is one of a few loan companies operated by an officially recognized American Indian Tribe.

big picture loans reviews

It is legit for this company to use Tribal sovereign immunity from lawsuits. In case of any problems, consumers can report them to the CFPB.

The company has been operating for more than 5 years.

The following are basic requirements that you should meet in order to get a loan from BPL:

  • Your monthly income has to be at least of $700.00 from a reliable source;
  • You should have a bank account;
  • You have to be reachable by phone and have a valid email address;
  • Loans are offered to consumers of at least 18 years old and those who are permanent residents of the USA.

You will not have to provide your credit score, which significantly speeds up the approval process and allows people with poor credit history to obtain a loan.

If you apply for a loan in this company for the first time, you can get it in the amount of $200-1,000.

What Conditions Do They Offer?

From this company, you can take a loan that you will have to repay over time with scheduled payments.

If you pay off your loan earlier, you will have no penalties.

Moreover, this will allow you to save some money that you would have to pay to cover financial charges.

The amount and conditions of your loan depend on different criteria, including your income.

It does not take a long time to get a loan, and, usually, you will be able to obtain additional funds the next day.

You will be notified about your loan approval after all information has been verified by phone or email.

The following is brief information on what BPL has to offer:

  • Annual Percentage Rates – 780-788.62%;
  • Loan Term – 6-22 Months;
  • Approval Time – one business day or longer;
  • Funding Time – one business day or longer.


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Big Picture Loans Pros and Cons

Before you get a loan from Big Picture Loans, you should consider both cons and pros.


  • Long loan term (6-22 month);
  • Fast and easy approval process (you will not have to provide your credit score);
  • Different customer support options;
  • One-day approval.


  • Numerous negative
  • Possible additional fees;
  • Services are not available in all US states;
  • High interest rate.

This company provides a quick and easy way to obtain some money, but you should keep in mind that you will likely have to pay more than you borrow.

Also, you should carefully read all the conditions to make sure that you clearly understand how much and how you will have to pay off your loan.

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