Best Boat Loans

Applying for the best boat loans will let you save money while getting the financing necessary to buy your dream boat.

Basics of Applying for the Boat Financing

Get on the water if you dream about it by applying for the boat loan.

If you want to buy a boat and require extra financing, the good news is that there are many lending options for 2017 to choose from.

They are designed to help consumers buy both used and new boats.

How They Work

Boat loans can be unsecured and secured personal loans created to finance a boat purchase where this asset is used as a certain guarantee.

When shopping for the best boat loan rates, think about using your purchased boat as security to save more money.

Nowadays, boats can be expensive, so these loans are available at larger amounts, and they offer longer repayment terms for added consumer convenience.

Based on a specific type, they may require a balloon payment at the end of your loan term.

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Compare Boat Loans Rates

Company Rates Reviews
USAA Bank  5.25%  Review
SunTrust Bank  6.25%  Review
LightStream  2.99% – 15.44%  Review
Essex 3.89% – 7.49%% Review
Bank of America Review
Bank of the West 5% Review
Wells Fargo Review

How to Compare Available Options

Finding the best financing for your future boat purchase is a must.

When making your smart comparison, keep these basic questions in your mind:

– What is your interest rate? It may vary based on specific boat loans and their providers, but the rates of secured loans are low, so choose the one that has a competitive rate.

– Are there any fixed repayments? Some loans can offer them, so it’s necessary to decide if you want them or prefer variable options to benefit from possible market fluctuations.

– What are loan limits? They may vary from one lender to another, so you need to have an estimate of how much money you will borrow and find the loan that meets this requirement.

– What about a loan term? Its length depends on different factors, and some lenders may extend it up to 7 years. Choose the boat loan that provides you with enough time to pay back your debt.

– Do you prefer unsecured or secured? Pick the most suitable option that matches your loan needs. Besides, there are boat loans for bad credit designed for consumers with a poor credit score.

Boat Loans Reviews

How Much Boat Loans Cost

Get a clearer understanding of the price of your future boat before applying for any loan.

  • It may vary based on the type that you choose;
  • Take into account the expenses of decking out your boat, including different accessories, water toys, electronics and others;
  • Operating costs depend on the boat type and its future uses;
  • Regular boat maintenance;
  • Storage fees are based on its length;
  • Boat insurance.

Finally, when applying for the best boat loans, there are some basic requirements that must be met, such as being over 18 years old, proving your current financial position, employment, etc.

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