Best bank for international travel

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling outside America for business or simply, visiting relatives, friends, or  studying abroad, you can save tons of money by simply opting for the right bank account providing low wire-transfer charges, quite competitive overseas ATM fees and good currency-conversion rates.

To pick up the Best bank for international travel, it makes sense to have a look at several candidates.

2 Banks:


The first candidate for your international travel is HSBC.

When moving out of the United States or simply trying to maintain solid financial ties with a particular country, where you spent a lot of time, starting a bank account with a large and reputable bank could be a wise undertaking.

HSBC really helps folks relocating to other countries by simply enabling them to start an account before they even arrive.

Furthermore, the bank’s mobile app gives depositors an excellent opportunity to control and also transfer funds between HSBC accounts in various countries. Globe-trotters would definitely appreciate this solution.

Apart from that, the bank can offer a slew of other no less helpful options, such as a possibility of sending money by means of wire transfer.

By the way, Advance and Premier checking account holders are free to get international wire transfers from any other HSBC accounts for no cost.

However, outgoing international wire transfers might come with a fee, depending where the money is transferred and the amount being sent.

Best bank for international travel

Unless you make use of Premier checking of the Best bank for international travel, the bank avoids charging a fee when you utilize an HSBC debit card released in one country for making purchases or getting cash at an ATM in a foreign country.

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Capital One 360

Another great candidate for the Best bank for international travel is Capital One 360. Some people really consider it to be an ideal bank for international travel.

Each time you purchase anything abroad or simply purchase something on the net from a retailer based outside America, the vast majority of banks are used to charging corresponding fees on their transactions.


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Perhaps, you’ll be shocked to hear this, but Capital One 360 never does it!

Frankly speaking, that’s not the only financial institution, which doesn’t charge it. Nevertheless, Capital One 360 boasts other great virtues, and in particular its amazingly low fees.

In addition to this, Capital One 360 never enforces monthly ATM or maintenance fees, even if you utilize an ATM in a foreign country.

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We’ve just told above that with Capital One 360 you can get a wire transfer at no cost, but we should stress that it only applies to US-based banks.

So, you can’t get money from clients or relatives outside the United States.

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