Bank of America Safe Deposit Box Review

This detailed review is focused on sharing basic information about Bank of America safe deposit box.

This well-established bank offers the safest option to protect your properties and valuables, excluding cash.

Every box comes equipped with a special double lock that consists of guard and customer keys.

About Safe Deposit Box

Bank of America provides its customers with a safe deposit box for different fixed fees.

Bank of America Safe Deposit Box

You can open it only with your assigned key, proper signature and guard key.

This service is offered to any SHBA client who has a valid DDA account, so that a fee can be charged automatically.

The best part is that a safe deposit box won’t be opened even if other people find your key.

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These boxes are available in a range of sizes, and you can easily reserve them.

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How to Open Your Safe Deposit Box at Bank of America

To open it, it’s necessary to visit a local banking center.

This bank offers a convenient possibility to schedule an appointment with its associates for the time and day that work best for you.

Reasons to Choose This Extra Service

  • Your valuable items will be protected from floods, fires and other unexpected natural disasters. Natural disasters can destroy many precious belongings if you keep them at home, including jewelry, documents and others. It’s important to keep the most valued items in a safe place.
  • This safe deposit box offered by Bank of America offers a cost-efficient tool to keep your valuables safe and private. You are the only one who knows about its content, so that your relatives, bank representatives and other people have no idea what’s inside.
  • Your valuable belongings are protected from any possible theft. A safety deposit box is an effective way to get extra peace of mind. Any theft won’t happen when it comes to a bank safe, because it’s securely constructed and heavily guarded.
  • Your possessions are protected from being misplaced and lost, too. If you want to protect some important documents or other materials, use this special box to be sure that they’re kept organized and secure.

Cost of Using This Box

The price for a Bank of America safe deposit box varies based on its size, and fixed rental fees are charged on an annual basis.

– The rent for the smallest box ranges from $15 to %25;

–  A medium box costs $40-65 each year;

– The biggest box is priced between $185 and $500.

  1. catherine Stoker says

    Wow, what a lot of non information.
    This website would be enormously more helpful if you would include the locations of Bank of America facilities with boxes available, and a list of what boxes of which size and cost are available to rent at each of those locations. The information could be updated periodically, at least monthly, and would be so very much appreciated.

  2. Carole photopoulos says

    What about duplication of keys, is this possible or do I have to go thru BofA?

  3. Sandra Dillard says

    I am trying to get to my safe deposit box at the Pelham Road, Greenville location and the
    bank is closed apparently until Thursday. Unable to make an appointment on line as
    there are evidently none available or not scheduling. Please let me know how I can
    access my documents, etc. in my box.

  4. Anne Bennett says

    How much is the rent for a 5×11 box, please?

  5. Pete says

    I think this makes sense, but it should be corrected.

    The rent for the smallest box ranges from $15 to %25

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