Bank of America Boat Loans Review

Stay Afloat with Exclusive Offers from Bank of America Boat Loans!

If you are looking for a reliable lender to help you purchase a new or already used boat, Bank of America will be a great solution.

About Loan

The company offers up to $150,000 to help you stay afloat.

Besides, loans feature a flexible financing system for your purchases, reasonable interest rates, convenient repayment terms, as well as monthly payments and other beneficial peculiarities.

Another great point here is an opportunity to get on water extremely fast due to the same-day credit decisions guarantees.

Bank of America Boat Loans

How to Apply

The desirable boat loan cannot be easier to apply for and more beneficial to repay.

To receive a credit, one has to take only four main steps:

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  • Online application form. Open the BofA website, fill in the application and submit it.
  • Wait for a decision. As a rule, the decision is sent within a minute, though sometimes it requires a bit bigger time span. Check your email or sign in to find out the status of your application.
  • Consultations with loan representatives. After you get a decision, the representatives of the bank will contact you to verify your identity and inform you about further actions. The last step will help you complete the process and finally receive the desirable loan.
  • Closing step. At last you will receive a closing package. Simply sign all the required documents, notarize them and mail a full loan package back with an envelope provided. At this point, your boat loan in Bank of America is ready and you will receive a credit within a few working days.

The Way You Benefit

A simple and easy application for the loan is not the only advantage offers.


Essex Financing

The lender finances the most diverse types, including new and used yachts, motorboats and sailboats, trailers and USA Coast Guard vessels.

So, here you can receive from $5,000 up to $150,000 for any of these purposes.

Additionally, BoA offers an exclusive opportunity for those who want to take a boat loan – you can count your expenses, interest rates and monthly payments online using the calculator.

Thus, you can pre-plan your loan and enjoy its benefits.

Other advantages available in BofA are flexible terms and affordable rates, discounts for multi-vehicle, helpful customer service, fixed-rate, simple and fast application, no payment penalty and others.

All in all, Bank of America Boat Financing are an exceptional chance to buy a desirable boat on the most convenient conditions.

2 reviews

  1. Christie

    I hadn’t even known that it is possible to get a loan to buy a boat before I found out about it in Bank of America and actually got it. The interest rates are very affordable and everything is very easy to understand – you can do everything online, from applying to checking the terms, etc. The bank offers loans for many different types of boats, from cheap to luxury, so I’ve decided to apply for a new one. I’m very happy with Bank of America boat loans.

  2. James P.

    Great information! My brother and I are looking into getting a loan for a boat and it doesn’t seem to be a popular thing by us but now that I have all this information, I know what to look for and who to talk to about these kinds of loans. Fantastic information!

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