Banana Republic Credit Card Review

Being a return customer in Banana Republic, you will be offered a brand credit card that allows you to get a discount on the purchases of the day.

But the question is: Is it worth buying?

The question is definitely yes. There are even two cards available, both of them having exceptional advantages and unique opportunities for the customer.

About Banana Republic

In this article you will have an opportunity to see Banana Republic review where all the necessary information is presented with all the benefits, interest rates and other merits of such an option.

Banana Republic offers each client two different cards and leaves the choice for a client.

Each of them has some stronger and weaker points, so different cards are preferable for different people. The first card available is called the Banana Card that is quite easy to get having only Visa Card.

Banana Card is possible to use just in Gap stores, while Visa qualified card is accepted everywhere even with special discounts.


Being owned by GAP, Banana Card allows its possessors to get pleasant bonuses and competitive discounts purchasing at GAR, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta shops.

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For each $200 spent you get the reward of $10 buying either in the shop or online.

Apart from the brand shops’ purchases, you can enjoy the advantage of this exact card every day buying usual stuff.

Using Banana Republic Card you will get points for each separate purchase, even the smallest one.

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According to Banana Republic credit card reviews given by thankful customers, the offer is really tempting and worth attention.

Apart from usual discounts offered in the stores you get additional bonuses that are possible to use for the next purchase.

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Apart from this, being a frequent shopper, you can hit the chance to get Banana Republic Luxe Card that is even more beneficial.

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Banana Republic Credit Card

Overall Rewards of Banana Republic Card

As for rewards and interest rates offered by Banana Republic Card, it is necessary to mention that the conditions are preferable and the deal is enticing:

  • Being a new customer, qualify for Banana Card online and get an attractive 15% discount for your first purchase.
  • Purchase at GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta and earn 5 points for each dollar spent.
  • Get 1 point for $1 spent in any shop where Visa Card is accepted.
  • Collect 200 points at Gap stores or websites and receive $10 reward.
  • Sign up for email and ads at Banana Republic store and earn 2,000 additional bonus points.
  • Get notifications about new sales, reduced prices, special offers and other deals.

2 reviews

  1. Kim

    Credit card can always become a savior in some situations. For instance, you’ve seen a new dress or great boots at 50% discount and bang… There’s no money to pay for the stuff. Banana Republic credit card benefits just scream how important it is to have it.

  2. Mary

    Why Banana Republic Credit Card, you will ask? Only because it is not beneficial for the average client. Great rewards and attractive discounts are offered for people who buy different stuff daily. Being a desperate shopper I chose this credit card as an ultimate chance to get $10 bonus on each $200 spent. After a while, I can easily use the discounts and bonuses to purchase diverse things.

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