American Express Gold Card Review

A new approach to personal financing is introduced by American Express Gold Card.

Paying the credit balance properly each month does not appear to be the financing method, but payment.

American Express Gold Card Review claims that this very card is specially created for people failing to carry a balance. Nevertheless, money should be fully paid within each month.

For orderly and obedient clients there are multiple rewards and benefits available.

Main Differentiating and Beneficial features

American Express Gold Card ReviewEach and every bank creates special rules everyone should follow having a desire to use the benefits of the features and options it offers.

Being a part of the bank operation Gold Card has some peculiar features necessary to be aware of to make your usage easy and safe:

– The main function of American Express Card is charging, but not crediting. That is why the balance must be fully paid till the end of the month. If no, then the customer will get a penalty and undesirably increased interest rate.

– Assistance. One of the main and indispensable points using the card is the customer support service that is ready to deal with any problem that arises. A highly professional and experienced team is available at any time of day and night.

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– Extended balance. Having the necessity of extended payment of this or that purchase one can request this option from the bank.

– Comparatively big yearly fee that reaches $125 is another feature of American Express.

– The most famous and well-known feature of this exact card is the reward program. Cardholders get one point reward for each dollar spent. Besides, airfare expenses are covered with *3 pints multiplication, while groceries and gas purchase points are doubled. Besides, buying items online everyone can receive a pleasant and encouraging bonus.

Advantages Only?

Making the conclusion on the basis of the above enlisted features, it is important to notice that Express Gold Card is highly advantageous, though it has a few drawbacks.

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The main advantages mentioned in American Gold Card Review compiled by its customers include Rewards and Points for the Membership, Protection Services that make your travels safe and easy and Hotel Service availability.

On the other hand, the same card has a range of drawbacks that have a negative influence on its customers. One of the most important ones is probably unbearable fees necessary to pay each year.

Besides, the fees for transactions to a different country are extremely high and are commonly considered a weak point of American Express. Huge penalties for the payment delay are also influential factors that contribute to its usage and popularity.

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