American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card Review

These days more and more borrowers opt for American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card.

Blue Cash Preferred Review

That’s a very reputable cash back reward credit card, boasting a $75 annual fee.

Well, the card has much common with another financial product from reputable and well-known American Express – Blue Cash Everyday.

However, the card, we’re going to describe here below, has a more generous back reward program.

As a customer you can count on $6,000 to be spent every year, up to 6% cashback at the grocery store, unrestricted 3% cashback at gasoline stations as well as department stores, not to mention a no-limit once percent cash back anywhere else.

The bank also offers an excellent sign-up bonus, not to mention  introductory purchase as well as balance transfer APR offer.

American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card

In fact, Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express is quite comparable to a variety of other widely utilized cash back reward credit card products.

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American Express Blue Cash Major Features

– Introductory APR: To your great luck, American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card boasts a 0% APR on shopping as well as balance transfers for twelve months.

You’re expected to make your qualifying transfers within thirty days of starting your account.

– Regular APR: Once the introductory period’s over, in compliance with your credit trustfulness and interest rates, the balance and purchase transfer APR will wave 13.24%-23.24%.

The cash advance APR is about 25.49%. As for the penalty APR, it’s 29.49%.

– Sign-up bonuses: When you shell out at least one thousand dollars for about ninety days of signing up, then you can count on a $150 statement credit.

Besides this, if by June 15, this year, you sign up for this exclusive card, then you’ll enjoy a 10% cashback at American wireless service providers, just enjoy it until the end of the year.

Blue Cash Preferred Credit Score

Blue Cash Preferred Credit Score

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The increased rate actually applies to the very first $2000 in your purchases.

– Crucial fees: When dealing with American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card your annual fee’s going to be $75. As for the foreign transaction fee, it accounts for 2.7%.

Cash advances as well as balance transfers are worth more than $5. Returned and late payments are worth $37.

– Shopping benefits: Once you become an owner of Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express, you are free to enjoy great travel benefits, as this credit card boasts amazing travel perks.

These are damage and rental car loss insurance coverage for card owners, round the clock roadside assistance, friendly round the clock global concierge service for all card owners travelling for more than hundred miles from your sweet home, not to mention accidental death insurance for cardholders on trip.

– Shopping benefits: For example, these are extended warranties on a variety of items with authentic warranties of about 5 years or even less, $1,000 in per-item coverage for items damaged or lost for about ninety days of purchase, $300 in per-item coverage for a series of returns rejected for 90 days.

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  1. Craig

    If I have financial problems, I usually take a loan and then pay it back, when I have better times. However, a few months ago I came across a great option called American Express Blue Cash preferred by me and thousands of customers. $75 yearly fee is the main point which attracts clients. I have been using the card for over 5 months already and I feel completely fine with all the services, rates and other peculiarities.

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